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These websites will open up travelling opportunities that you never thought possible! They are and essential weapon in a travellers arsenal for finding great deals and satisfying that ever-present wanderlust.
Kayak ExplorekayakNot too bothered where you go and just want to get away? Simply tap in the dates you want to travel and Kayak Explore will display a world map with little boxes telling you the cheapest flights to every destination on your selected dates. Have a scroll around and you will find some ridiculously cheap flights to places you hadn’t thought to travel to before now! Some gems I found were; London – Oslo £20 return and London- Rome £35 return. You cant go wrong.
BlaBlaCarcarGetting from one place to another while travelling can often be a drain on your funds. BlaBlaCar can help! If someone is driving to where you want to go you can purchase a seat in their car along with other travellers. This is great in two respects; one it can be dirt cheap, and two, the people who you share your car with can come from all walks of life and you can meet some great characters.
HostelworldhoselworldThis is my go to site for accommodation when I’m travelling. Hostels are by far the cheapest accommodation around the world as well as the best for travellers. Hostelworld has the best hostels listed in every part of the world you can think of. Booking through these guys means you save a lot of money, meaning you can travel for longer!
Holiday PiratespirsateMy first reaction when my friend showed me this website was; “Is this legal?!!” What Holiday Pirates does is search out error fairs. This means that when airlines accidentally put flights on-line for cheaper than they should be (sometimes 10% of the price) holiday pirates picks this up and lets you know! London to Cancun for £200 return? Take my money.
Air BnbairbnbOn this site people open up their homes to guests and allow them to stay for a small fee. It’s a completely different way of doing things as you’ll be staying with locals in their own houses. These are often a lot cheaper than hotels and even sometimes hostels. Sure you don’t get the sociable side of hostels but you can have great time with your hosts who will know all the best local spots to go to. The review system also means you wont be getting a crazy cat lady as your host.