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Want a stunning 1 week Montenegro Itinerary? Then you’ve come to the right place you lucky sausage.

I first heard a lot about Montenegro when I was in Croatia. Fellow travellers just coming from Croatia’s small neighbour were raving about the place.

Rustic, cheap, crystal clear waters, less tourists and plenty of stunning nature.

I had to go.

A month later I was flying into Montenegros capital, Podgorica, to start a 1 week adventure like no other.

For this 1 week Montenegro Itinerary you can fly into the capital Podgorica and fly out of Tivat. Or you can do it the other way around!

You Montenegro itinerary begins..

Skadar National Park – 2 nights

Lake Skadar is your first stop on Your Montenegro Itinerary. After taking the ancient train from the airport you arrive in arguably the most beautiful part of Montenegro.

Skadar National park is a nature lovers paradise and isn’t short of activities to keep you busy.

lake skadar drone shot

Kaying Lake Skadar

The centre-piece of the National Park is Lake Skadar itself, and it’s surrounded by huge limestone hills.

As you kayak on the lake you’ll glide over the carpet of lily pads and see the many birds that call this lake home.

You can easily spend a morning exploring the lake. It’s pretty tiring but if you want you can even visit some local islands and beaches!

Godinje Bay

godinje bay montenegro itinerary

Hidden about a 90min trek or 10 min taxi ride from the town of Virpazar is Godinje bay. The bay isn’t that well known and as a result its beach will only have a few visitors.

The beach overlooks the lake with stunning views of the distant mountains as well as an island that has the ruins of an Ottoman prison.

The beach has kayaks available to rent as as well as a small restaurant to keep you fed and happy.

Some of the best hiking in Europe

Now I’ve been on my fair share of hikes, but Montenegro has honestly the best hike i’ve ever been on.

The hike in Walnut valley will take you along a crystal clear river with old ottoman bridges crossing it. The whole way you wont see another soul and the hike culminates in the freshest waterfalls i’ve ever swam in!


Lake Skadar Montenegro itinerary

Besac Castle overlooks the Lake Skadar and the town of Virpazar. The castle costs 1 euro to enter and has recently been restored to its former glory.

Its only a 15 minute walk from the town and is a great place to watch the sunset.

Budva – 2 nights

Budva is a bustling seaside town that is a big draw for tourists from all over. Although busy, the town is well worth a visit and will keep you entertained for your stay.

Beaches and Cliff jumps

Budva cliff jumping Montenegro itinerary

Budva is famous for it’s beaches, and they’re busy during the summer! However that’s for good reason, the waters are crystal clear and the beaches are beautiful.

On the north side of Mogren Beach you will find two stunning cliff jumps. one is about 7m and the other is over 15m. The scenery is stunning and the waters so inviting!

Jump at your own risk!

Aquapark Budva

Situated up in the hills overlooking Budva is Aquapark Budva. Opened in 2016 the park has 7 waterslides and apparently you can get up to 80kmh on one of them!

The park has plenty of restaurants and bars and it also hosts plenty of parties during the summer for you to enjoy.

Night Life

The night life in Budva is buzzing and the best you’ll find on your Montenegro Itinerary!

Inside the old town there are plenty of cool bars and pubs for you to visit – my fave was Casper Bar. Some are a little stuck up and only let you have a table if you buy a bottle – but you can avoid those!

Once these places quieten down you can head to the clubs if that’s your thing! Top Hill was voted the worlds best club in 2012 and still impresses. It wasn’t out thing so we just headed to the beach and talked! Grandad, I know.

Sveti Stefan

sveti stefan montenegro itninerary

You have probably seen a picture of Sveti Stefan from Instagram. It’s a stunning piece of land that juts out into the sea. On the island is Montenegros most exclusive hotel as well as a swathe of fancy restaurants.

Viewing the island from the shore and visiting the beaches in the area is an experience itself. To get on the island you need to book a table at one of the restaurants – check you out fancy pants.

Kotor – 2 nights

Kotor fortifications view

Kotor may well be the highlight of your Montenegro Itinerary – it was for me! The town has simultaneously the best old town i’ve visited and the most jaw dropping scenery to accompany it.

Old Town

The old town of Kotor is the one of most stunning i’ve visited in Europe. The town is surrounded by its ancient walls and the streets have so many secrets to explore.

Off each cobbled street you will find churches, cute cafes, tiny shops, and great pubs.

Fortifications of Kotor

The imposing fortifications of Kotor overlook the town and are a great place to view the sunset. Getting to the fortifications is about a 30 – 45min walk and there is a way you pay 8 euros or another way it’s free.

The free way is fun and takes you up a shepherd path, past some pretty cool ruins, and into the fortress through a back door.

once at the top the views of the bay of Kotor are stunning and exploring the fortress is great fun.

Perast and Our lady of the rocks

Montenegro itinerary Perast

Perast is a small piece of Venice about a 30minute drive up the coast from Kotor. The town is small but has stunning buildings and views to accompany!

Our Lady of The Rocks is a small island that was formed by sailors dropping rocks on the spot until it formed an island. On this island has been built multiple places of worship and rocks are still dropped there today!

Saturday Market

The Saturday market in Kotor is a must visit if you’re in the town on a weekend.

TripAdvisor has this rated as the 3rd best attraction in Kotor so it must be pretty good 😉

Vendors come from all over the region to sell their homemade produce such as olive oil, fruit, and trinkets.

Lovćen National Park

Montenegro Itineary Lovćen National Park

Lovćen National Park is another paradise straddling the paradise that is Kotor.

The small National Park contains the best panoramic views in Montenegro. A hike up the steps to the Njegos Mausoleum is tiring but well worth it.

The mausoleum is guarded by two huge statues and you’ll feel like you’re on the lord of the rings set. The views from site are a Panormaic dream.

Theres also 3 great hikes in the park ranging from 4.5km through to 12.5km.

You Montenegro itinerary summary

This stunning 1 week Montenegro Itinerary will take you on an adventure through the rustic young country.

Skadar will provide you with stunning nature and outdoors activities. Budva will provide you with fun times on beautiful beaches. Whilst Kotor will show you the stunning ancient history of Montenegro in jaw dropping surroundings.

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Alaska is by far one of the most exciting regions to visit in the world. The reasoning for this is quite simple – it is the “final frontier” for most tourists and a tempting playground for hardcore adventurers. However, do not be taken aback by its vast wilderness and harsh climate! It is as enticing to casual vacationers as it is to adrenaline junkies. If you are having second thoughts on visiting this captivating corner of the globe, here is the ultimate guide to visiting Alaska that might convince you to give it a chance.

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You might be tempted to plan your Seattle trip for the height of summer. After all, why would you want your view from the top of the Space Needle spoiled by Rain City’s infamous gray drizzle? But you’ll find something in Seattle for every season, whatever the weather. Whether you’re sightseeing during the more mild months or enjoying cozy cafes and the nearby ski slopes in winter, Seattle offers the perfect getaway.

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If you are aware of current world events right now, the chances are that Turkey isn’t likely to be on your current ‘must-see’ list. Because of its closeness to the Middle East – in geographical and political terms – a lot of people are thinking twice about visiting.

But while there is an element of risk, the reality is that it is in the same security state as virtually everywhere else in Europe and the western world. And missing out on such a beautiful and welcoming country would be such a shame. With this in mind, here are a few awesome reasons why you should rip up your current travel plans and book a visit to Turkey instead.

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There is something about Spain that makes it a country that it’s easy to spend long amounts of time exploring. Home to some incredibly diverse landscapes, the Spanish Pyrenees are a beautiful mountain range, while Sierra Nevada, a gorgeous snow capped mountain range, rises up above the sunshine of Andalucia. Then there are the country’s incredible cliffs in the Northwest, swaddled by Mediterranean coves and white sand beaches. Throughout the country, there are historic villages featuring traditional Spanish architecture, as well as vibrant towns and cities. There is no doubt about it, Spain is somewhere that has a lot to offer every traveller.

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Ultimately, people go on vacation to get a break from their stressful, daily routine. However, that break can vary from person to person. Someone whose job keeps them constantly on their feet and running from one place to another might relish the idea of lying on a beach, or poolside, and be doing nothing for two whole weeks. Others might be stuck behind a desk for around 40 hours per week, so they might prefer to be more active during their time away; they might indulge in water sports, hiking, sightseeing, or any other opportunity to stretch their legs and see something other than a cubicle for a change. Regardless of your preference, here are a few ideas for a beach or adventure holiday to inspire you.

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With endless backpackers heading off to South East Asia, posting pictures from Thailand, Vietnam and Kuala Lumpur, you may be tempted to follow in your friends’ footsteps. But how about opting for something different? Britain might not have been the first place on your mind when considering traveling, but it could provide you with the trip of a lifetime!

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32661768283_8c113a4736_oImage Source

Few destinations on earth are more popular or exciting than the Caribbean. Even just hearing the name probably brings to mind images of white sand, blue ocean, sipping cocktails on the beach during the day, and dancing with locals in the evening. However, the Caribbean is far from one single place. It’s made up of more than seven-thousand different islands! This means that, if you’re looking for a holiday destination, you’re going to have to decide which island you want to spend your time on. And, believe it or not, there are actually a fair few differences between many of these islands. In order to make your decision just that little bit easier, here are some of best of the best that the Caribbean has to offer.

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Although Spanish is the official language of the Canary Islands, they are actually closer to the continent of Africa than they are the mainland of Spain. This means that the climate in the archipelago on the islands such as Lanzarote, Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura is quite consistent, offering a warm temperature throughout the year. However, with quite an abundance of places to choose from when picking where to go, Tenerife can get looked over often – despite being able to offer so much…

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Norway bay at night
Norway bay at night


For most of us when we think of travelling around Europe we would reflect on the more sunny places. From relaxing on a beach in Spain to spending some time in Italy or sampling some food in Greece.

Finding the best things to do in Norway might not be at the top of your list. However, as a country, it has a lot to offer tourists and seasoned holidaymakers alike.

As a destination, it is one of the most beautiful places in the world. There are fantastic attractions, but there are also places to relax and soak up the culture. Here are a few.

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When going on holiday, the last thing anyone wants to experience is rain. Unfortunately, no one can control the weather. While Swansea is filled with so many scenic walks and beautiful beaches nearby, it doesn’t mean that you have to sit and sulk in your hotel room if it is raining. Below, we reveal some of the best things to do in Swansea when the weather is bad. After all, it is always good to have a backup plan.

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Still not sure where to visit this summer? What about planning a trip to Greece? Whether that is mainland Greece, the Cyclades group, or the Dodecanese Islands, Greece could be the perfect destination for a summer holiday, as it has a lot to offer any traveller. From white sand beaches with azure seas, ancient ruins to multi cultural towns. and cities with plenty of nightlife, there is a lot more to Greece than meets the eye.

Fancy spending a week or two in Greece? Here are five reasons why Greece would make the perfect summer holiday destination.

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Travelling is often a fierce and unwavering passion for some. They enjoy the thrill of seeing a new location, visiting a different country, or indulging in a new culture. Some people have a bucket list that they like to tick off as and when they visit one of those dream destinations. A bucket list is a pretty common thing to have these days, filled not only with travel ideas but also any experience, from eating in a Michelin starred restaurant through to swimming with dolphins. However, if we are honest, many bucket lists can be quite generic and it seems that people are lacking imagination when it comes to devising their own.

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Europe offers so many cultures, culinary delights, and climates. No wonder it is such a holiday favourite, no matter where you’re from. There are plenty of choices, and the ease of travel from country to country on the mainland makes it a traveller’s delight too. Best of all, it’s still pretty easy to hop over for a spur-of-the-moment long weekend. Here’s where to head to for each season of the year:

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There’s often great misconceptions about the US when it comes to visitors from other parts of the world. We’re so clued into their TV, their movies, even their news and politics that we think we know everything we need to and will fit in like a hand into a glove once we arrive. Yet when people visit, they often feel woefully out of the loop and realise that there’s SO much more to the states than what we see on MTV or Sky News. Before you go, there are a few things you need to remember that will definitely help you acclimatise.

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With a look of old and new, sharp and soft, Eastern Europe invites visitors for an untimely experience. If you are enthusiastic about discovering grand history, or a person seeking modern excitement, this place is ideal for you. This region will gift you a one of a kind experience that will last a lifetime.

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The British Airways I360 is to Brighton what the London Eye is to London; a futuristic centrepiece for the city which provides a unique experience, boasts spectacular views, and bring in the tourists. Funnily enough, the architects who designed the I360 also designed the London Eye, you could say they’re doing a pretty good job designing at the moment! Opened in Late 2016 the I360 rises up its centre column to a height of 162m and boasts spectacular 360° views across the city and out to sea. The I360 is, in fact, the world’s tallest moving observation tower! The attraction looks extremely futuristic, glistens spectacularly in the sun, and is a great addition to any day in Brighton.

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Welcome to Lake Tahoe…

Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America and is only just behind the Great Lakes in terms of volume! Situated in the Sierra Nevada Mountains at nearly 2000m above sea level on the California/Nevada border, the turquoise blue lake has 72 miles of gorgeous shoreline for you to explore. The lake is surrounded by snow topped mountain peaks, thick lush forests, and sprawling meadows. Various towns and bays lie along the lake shoreline, offering some spectacular cabin rentals in Lake Tahoe. The whole lake area has so many activities on offer it’s a good job you can drive to anywhere along the lake within two hours of wherever you are!

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So you’ve decided working at a summer camp in America is for you?! Great! Here are some tips that might help you before you travel across the pond.
1) Don’t forget other agencies. Before you start the application process, don’t forget that there are numerous other agencies other than Camp America that help with summer camp placements and may give you a better deal. I personally used Camp America which is probably the biggest and most popular. However, there is also Camp Leaders, so take a look.
2) Research Camps. There are literally thousands of camps in America and they’re all slightly different. There are ones based on football, ones based on water sports, religious camps, all boys, all girls and co-ed camps. The list goes one.  Basically, do your research and you will end up with a camp that is best suited to your skills and one that you will feel most comfortable at.
3) Go to a fair. I chose the camp I wanted to go to at one of the fairs Camp America put on throughout the year. Here, representatives from hundreds of camps are packed into a conference hall and you can go and talk to them about what their camps are like and if they need people with your skills. I thought this was great as you could talk face to face with the people you would potentially be working with over the summer. It’s also highly likely you’ll be placed if you attend a fair.
4) Trust your gut. Look around. At the fair I spoke first to the camp I would ultimately work for and they offered me a place! I got a great feeling from the camp, however, as it was the first camp I spoke to at the fair I was like “Great, thanks! However, you’re the first camp I have spoken to so would you mind if I had a look at a couple of others before I make my decision?” They were fine with that. I looked at a couple of other camps, but didn’t get that same great feeling that they were just right. So I returned to the camp I spoke to first and signed on the dotted line. Trust. Your. Gut.
5) Specialist Camps. So on your form and in your interview they’ll ask you if you want to work at either religious camps or disability camps. I have no experience at these and didn’t want to work at them so I said no. However, the amount of people I met on my travels that said yes either because they weren’t bothered at the time, thought it would look good on a CV or had no idea what they were getting into was huge. These people ended up being completely overwhelmed and one chap I met hated his whole summer because he literally had to wipe ass every day. Now, if you have experience in these areas, are fully aware of what you’re getting into and want to try it out, then great, you’re doing something I couldn’t. However, if you’re saying yes for the sake of it or to look good on your CV, re-evaluate your decision. A good tip is to talk to people who’ve been there and done it.
6) Stay on top of forms. There are so many forms that you’ll have to fill out that it’s worth keeping a folder to put them all in. Your visa forms are so important to! I lost mine and searched a whole day for it until it turned up in my car glove box! Staying on top of your forms and getting them completed as soon as they’re sent to you will save you time and stress.
7) VISA Days. Ah the lovely VISA days. A trip to London and the US Embassy.  You’re going to need a passport photo so get one before as the only place you’ll get one on the day is a shop that charges a small fortune. The rest is pretty easy; just make sure you have all your forms with you (refer to tip 6)
8) Qualifications. Make sure your qualifications are valid for the whole period you’re working at the summer camp. My lifeguard qualification ran out half way through summer! I had to recertify while at camp which cost me $70 and was boring as hell. If I had of realised this before I left for America I could have recertified for free through my employer in the UK.
9) Don’t book a trek. So you’ll find out about these treks Camp America organise which you pay to go on once you’ve finished camp. Yes they look great and if you’re worried about what you’re going to do after camp they seem like a great idea. However, they’re ruddy expensive, you forfeit travelling with all your mates that you met at camp and you might not meet great people on the trek. Don’t forget there is nothing wrong with travelling on your own and I personally think it is the best way to do it.
10) DIY flights. If you think you’re going to end up down south and your return flight home is from New York, don’t worry. I purchased a flight from Atlanta back to New York for $90 which was much cheaper than the £250 Camp America requested to change my return fight to leave from the south.
I hope you’ve found these tips helpful! I haven’t really seen many other places cover some of these points so I thought I’d put them up for you! It’s a lot to take in but it’ll be worth it once it’s all done and you’ll be on your way to the summer of a lifetime!

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So I arrived back home in the UK a few weeks ago after my camp America experience and am settling back into the swing of things, i.e. leaving the student life behind and working!

I’ve had so many people ask questions since I’ve been back from America and say that they’re thinking of applying to Camp America that I thought I’d help ya’ll decide whether it’s for you or not.

I’ll break it down into its pros and cons in order to help you weigh it up, discuss if I think you should do it then see whether I’d do it again! We’ll start with the pros…

Pros of Camp America

1) You basically get to go to America for free.

With Camp America I paid about £650 which included my flights, visa, and some goodies (that I never received:(). When I left camp I was paid $1200 dollars which is about £800 so you get paid slightly more than you put in.

2) You meet great people.

I honestly met some of the coolest people at camp. Every type of person you can think of is at camp and they all have their own little story. I made friends that I’m still in contact with and it would be great to see them again.

with counsellor friends at an American summer camp

3) Experiencing a new culture.

We share the same language but that’s about where the similarities stop. The people are different, the way they fill up petrol confused the hell out of me, tipping, taxes, different words, not getting my sarcasm, the list can go on. American culture is very different indeed.

4) The Family feel.

Obviously I can only speak for my camp but you really feel like the admin staff and oldest counsellors are either your part time parents or older brothers/sisters whilst the kids are your part time younger brothers or sisters.

5) Learning about yourself.

I think everyone questions themselves through camp and their abilities to teach or do activities. However, you soon get over that and come out stronger and better for it. You also learn what your strengths and weaknesses are, you learn that you can do things you didn’t know you could and you will surprise yourself at how much you didn’t know about yourself.

cooking burgers for lunch at an American summer camp
Want fries with that?

6) The kids.

Yes some days they annoy you to the point where you want to get the next flight home. But then the moments where you see them succeed, improve, come out of their shell or when they write you a really nice note, far outweigh the annoying moments so much that they become irrelevant. The kids at my camp were great and I honestly miss them.

7) You try new things.

I personally tried sailing, canoeing and paddle boarding for the first time whilst at camp. I also learnt how to make a fire, make smores, tie knots and chop wood. There’s also a lot of public speaking as well which you get used to.

reading the news at an American summer camp
News Team Assemble!

8) Never experienced anything like it before.

Before camp and since I left camp I have never experienced anything else like it. There’s not really any other comparison  apart from other summer camps obviously.

9) Travelling after.

A lot of people apply to Camp America purely as a way to travel around the country. Your visa allows you to stay in the USA for a month after camp. I stayed for 3 weeks and went down the east coast. It was qualityyyyy.

Cons of Camp America

1) You get paid peanuts.

We counsellors worked out our hourly pay rate and it turned out to be 63 cents.  Now that’s depressing. Don’t forget though, your accommodation and food is all paid for. But still, that figure depresses me.

2) Overworked.

So as I was at an all-girls camp I didn’t live with and look after the kids 24/7, but even I felt drained the whole time. It was a 7:30am wake up every morning and duties finished at roughly 8pm. But then of course people hung out and you stayed up till like 12. Managing your sleep is so important. I don’t know how the female counsellors stayed alive.

3) Awkward dinner time.

This is a bit of a random one. However, one of my clearest memories is meal times in the canteen. You’ll sit with kids and every week you’ll get a new table of kids.

A couple of those weeks you’ll have a table that will just not talk. You’ll ask them a million questions and they’ll either make a head movement or give you a one word answer. It was kind of demoralising, but you have to remember kids are shy and they’ve just met a big new adult so it’s kind of understandable.

4) On top of people the whole time.

Living with and seeing the same people day in day out can get a bit much. There were fallings out and arguments. It’s part of camp life.

5) It’s a long time.

Personally I was fine with being away from home for so long but other people really missed home and it affected their daily lives. You will talk about home sickness in the campers but don’t forget it could affect you.  I guess you find out if this thing is for you or not. Towards the end of summer the time starts to drag as you just want to get travelling.

Should you consider American summer camps?

Yes absolutely. I think it is such a unique experience working at a summer camp that if your heart is in it then you should try it. You will learn so much about life, yourself and other people that it’s such a valuable experience and will genuinely build your character and improve your skills. I personally think the positives far outweigh the negatives.

Would I do it again?

Now this is tricky. I loved it but I’m still undecided whether I would do it again. I’m swaying to the yes side. I’m definitely not doing it this year but in a couple of years, potentially yes.

If I was to do it I’d go back to my camp. The worry I have is that it will not live up to what my first experience was like. But then again it will be a different experience and could be awesome.

As a returner you also get paid a considerable amount more money and get fancier accommodation. Looking over photos and talking to camp friends makes you nostalgic and want to do it again. So I think we shall see in a couple of years.

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Ah, the final leg of my 3 month journey. I was leaving the land of Chic Fillet, devout Christians and crazy drivers (that’s the south in a nutshell) to return to the Big Apple. The next day I would board my final flight which would take me home to London.
I arrived in New York La Guardia Airport after an enlightening flight with Frontier Airlines. The 2 hour flight was about $90 so I can’t really complain but the seats were about as thin as a piece of card and hard as nails. They also had barely enough leg room for a hamster which was an issue for me and a fellow 6ft 4er sitting behind me. There were spare exit seats but they cost $80 and no amount of shocking flirting got me one for free. I also found it pretty funny that when us passengers weren’t listening to an announcement the cabin crew lady shouted down the PA system; “Helooooooooo”. You could see it was budget airline and I found it pretty funny, but the flight was actually fine.
In New York I was to be staying one night at Q4 hostel in upper Queens but for the life of me I couldn’t figure out how to get there on the subway from the airport. In London I’m used to there being an underground map everywhere I turn and helpful staff waiting to assist you. But I swear there was not one map on the subway station so I was forced to do that age old thing of talking to people. Eventually I got to my hostel which was probably the nicest one I had stayed at all summer to be fair. The shower was big and super warm whilst the beds were singles and large enough even for my gigantic form. I played pool with a few guys from the hostel then made a final pack of my backpack and fall asleep for the final time on American soil.
The journey to the JFK the next morning was a really pleasant one. To get to the airport you get the AirTrain which is a kind of monorail that sweeps through the city and has great views over most of the buildings. I checked in at the airport with Virgin which is the standard airline Camp America peeps fly with then hit the duty free. I’d somehow forgotten to get my mum and dad presents when I was travelling (bad I know) so a bottle of New York wine each from duty free was a good purchase at the airport! I got to my departure gate pretty early and was glad because it was right at the end of the terminal and had a huge glass end where you could see loads of the airport. I sat there for a good half an hour just watching all the goings on that were happening below and took a pretty good time-lapse.
On the flight the age old problem of my enormous legs popped up once again. Exit seats on virgin are about $70 extra and I aint paying that! On the flight over from London I just asked the steward very nicely and he discretely bumped me up to an exit seat for free without the paying customers noticing. Having done that I thought I’d try the same back to London.
They were having none of it.
I asked one lady and she insisted I paid the extra. Thinking she might be in a bad mood I asked another stewardess but she had the same answer. Not one to give up, I employed a new tactic; annoying them. I decided that my legs were not comfortable behind the chair in front of me so stuck them out in the aisle and went to sleep. Needless to say I got in their way and after about half an hour and 6 trolley journeys past my legs the stewardess came over and said I could move to a bulk head seat that had more leg room! VICTORY!
I sat down in my new seat feeling like a baws. I was now sitting  next to lady who had a son who was in competitive swimming and we spoke for hours about the swimmers life and the world they live in. Time flew and we had landed in Heathrow before I knew it. Bags collected, through the border and then out the airport to meet my dad who was picking me up after 3 months way.

Back on English Soil!

I was back on English soil and in a car heading home to my own bed. I didn’t shut up the whole way home with my countless stories to tell.
Thoughts and feelings to follow; it’s going to be emotional.

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Atlanta would be the last stop on my 3 week long journey down the east coast of the USA and also my last destination with my travel bros Kyle and Marc. I had planned on making it down to Miami in Florida but to be honest I had a pretty good time in the last couple of weeks and my bank account had suffered for it! I could still afford to go to Miami but I would constantly be worrying about spending too much money and I think if you go to Miami that’s not the way you want to do it! Alas, there will hopefully be another time I’m in the states and I will be sure to travel Florida and much more the proper way!
We were travelling to Atlanta to visit another good friend from camp, Kailey. We were visiting her at her university (college for ya’ll American folk) which was just outside the main city. Before we even got to Atlanta we probably made one of the worst decisions of our entire journey. In order to get to Atlanta at a reasonable time for Kailey to pick us up we had to book with another bus company other than the trusty old Megabus! We decided to book with the company Greyhound and were optimistic of a good journey. Our optimism couldn’t have been more misplaced. From the customer service at the bus station to the 50 year old bus we were on to the crappy seats with no leg room, it was shocking! Unfortunately I didn’t have another bus journey in the states as I was flying to back to New York from Atlanta to fly home. Forgive me Megabus for betraying you; I’ll never be so silly again 🙂
Kailey met us at the bus station and was instantly pissed because we were apparently dropped off in ‘the hood’ where bad stuff happens. To add insult to injury when we got to her car it had a clamp on it! Thee a big guy dressed in all black with shades and a snap back who came over and explained that Kailey hadn’t bought a ticket and it was $70 to take it off.  I was well suspicious of this dude. Not only did he look like a drug dealer but private clamping in the UK is illegal so I was thinking ‘he’s a blasted criminal!’ turns out he wasn’t and it was all legit and $70 late we were on our way to Kailey’s university.
After a very nerve wracking ride where my hands got pretty sweaty (Atlanta divers are insane and have a death wish) we arrived a Kailey’s Uni.  We chilled there for a bit then hit the local arcade in the evening! The deal of the night was Laser tag, arcade credits and 2 hours bowling for $12! We were meant to get 20 credits each but we ended up with 50. So lots numerous toys were won and hundreds of zombies killed!

Zombie Slayers in Action.
Zombie Slayers in Action.

The next day Kyle and Marc left for Nashville. This meant I was to saying goodbye to them for the final time. We dropped them off at the bus station in Atlanta and a couple of man hugs later they were off. I was staying one more night and the next day Kailey and I went to my 3rd baseball game of the summer. To be honest baseball is the most boring sport I’ve ever watched. It’s even worse than cricket; at least in cricket they hit the ball more than a dozen times in the space of 3 hours.
So exciting it sold out.
So exciting it sold out.

To be fair the first baseball game I went to was pretty fun. That was a minor league baseball game that the whole of the camp staff went to. It was a lot more personal; the players could hear what you were shouting at them and the atmosphere was just more fun. Plus it was free!
After the baseball game it was time for me to leave at Atlanta and catch a flight to New York. There I would stay one night in a hostel then catch my flight from JFK the next day to return to London! I said my goodbyes to Kailey when she dropped me of at the airport knowing she was the last person from camp I would see this summer! I had a few hours to my flight so once checked in I hit up the main lounge area, pulled up a chair, tied my bags to myself then caught a well needed nap.