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Guest posting on sites is an essential weapon in any bloggers arsenal. Writing guest posts for other sites or accepting posts to your own site can get your blogs name out there, increase your rankings on search engines, bring in free content for your site, and create some lucrative income.

If you want to take your blog to the next level, you need to know how guest posting works.

With guest posting, the key is to make each exchange mutually beneficial. Both parties need to benefit in some way in order for guest posts to work.

In its most basic terms, one party will gain content for their site and the party providing the content will include links within this content that will help their website gain exposure.

As your influence increases and your blog grows, you will start to benefit more in different ways from these exchanges.

As your influence increases, companies, individuals, and agencies will offer more to you, for less in return – all for the chance to be exposed on your blog.

It makes sense – the more exposure something will get when it is placed on your blog, the more someone is willing to do to get it there! Let’s get into guest posting and what you need to do ….

Guest Posting on Sites for Free

When first starting out it’s essential to write guest posts on sites free of charge. This can literally be any website that will give exposure to your blog.

For instance, as I run a travel blog, I emailed every travel agency, airline, travel magazine, and product maker out there pitching my guest posts. I’ve included an example email pitch below:

Guest posting on sites email template

The bigger the following the company you write for, the better. Guest posting on sites such as a big travel company might give you as much exposure and writing posts for 3 smaller travel blogs.

However, every link to your site that you get out there will help overall!

What’s in it for you? Within the piece of content, you’re going to include a link or two to your website and also ask for your author bio to be included at the bottom of the page., this should be about 100 words max.

The other site gets free content and you get a backlink on their site. Win – Win!

Accept peoples/companies prewritten guest posting on your site for free

Once happy you can copy and paste the content onto your site, format it, and publish it. Of course, send an email to the party that supplied the content to let them know its published!

As your site gains more exposure, people will want to start placing links on your site for their own benefit.

Bloggers are going to do what you did in step 1. They’ll get in contact, offer you content, and include links to their site in this content.

You need to review the content, make sure its suitable for your site and make sure you’re happy with the links included. I personally don’t include links to gambling or money lending sites.

Write posts for your own site including links to other sites for a fee.

Marketing companies are soon likely to get into contact asking you to write posts for your own blog and include links to their client’s websites.

You will likely have to submit a blog post idea for approval then once approved and you’re happy with the links then you can start writing away. Once you’ve finished writing the post you’ll probably have to send them the finished article for approval before you publish it.

Companies will offer to pay you a fee for this. Typically, this starts off at $20-$30 per post. This price will increase the bigger following you have and the more influence you have as an influencer.

When you’ve published the post make sure you email the company the link, this is often a requirement before they will pay you.

Accept prewritten guest posts for your site for a fee

The pinnacle is when companies will pay you to publish their prewritten posts with links to their clients.

So far, I’ve had a few of these, a couple have paid $100 for me to essentially copy and paste a well written blog post onto my blog and publish it.

With a little formatting work that’s essentially $100 for 5 minutes work – not bad! These companies can pay you through PayPal and in order to be paid you will need to send them a link to the post when it is live.

This progression of guest posting on sites will happen at different speeds for different bloggers.

If you provide 10 guest posts in step one this will start you off very well on your guest posting journey! Don’t get disheartened if it takes a while for steps 2 and onwards to occur – it might take 6 months or more, but it’ll be worth it.

It is also important to note that during your guest posting journey you should continue to create original content for your own site! If you become over reliant on guest posts you might become lazy and never write your own content!

Blogging is amazing, but it isn’t a simple and easy journey, keep at this and your little baby will continue to grow and grow ☺

Michael x