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Wasssuupp. I’m kind of writing this post about the amazing island of Dugi Otok in Croatia while I’m a little bit tipsy on the train, we can thank Thursday work drinks for that.

So here goes, at least you know it’s going to be honest. 

zadar croatia renting a car mike treks
We adventured hard on Dugi Otok

If you’re anything like me on holiday then you want to do a bit of adventuring.

You also want to feel like your getting away from the crowds and doing something a bit unique. 

Crap, I just missed my station. 

Anyway, you wanna feel special you know? Not like one of the millions of tourists traipsing around taking photos of the same things that have been photographed a million times already today. 

Yess you’re on my wavelength. I can feel that.

Well you lucky sod, if you’re in Croatia, and more specifically the region of Zadar, then the island of Dugi Otok provides you the perfect opportunity to feel special about yourself. 

You can get to Dugi Otok by ferry in your car (don’t go without a car, unless you have a yacht you lucky bugger) and it takes roughly an hour. 

Now let’s hear is how this magical Island will make your holiday….

Tito’s Sub bases

So apparently the old ruler of Yugoslaiva, which Croatia was a part of until 1991, was a little bit paranoid so decided to hide his subs in some crazy coastal tunnels.

Smart guy.

Dugi Otok Submarine base

There’s 3 of these sub bases on Dugi Otok and they are open for you to explore. You can swim into them, kayak into them, or walk into them. It’s up to you. 

Telašćica National Park

Dugi Otok is probably most famous for its National Park.

dugi otok national park drone
Dugi Otok Telašćica National Park

Situated in the southern part of Dugi Otok, Telašćica is a short drive from the islands main town of Sari.

The park contains a beautiful salt water lake that you can swim in or even kayak on. Surrounding the lake are towering cliffs that rise up to 160m.

The park is also home to some stunning view points that let you look over vast swathes of the island.

Dugi Otok’s Sunken ship 

A few years back some poor captain clearly didn’t see the tiny island lying just north of Dugi Otok.

So he crashed into it.

zadar dugi otok ship wreck swim
Dugi Otok ship Wreck

Thankfully though, he left his ship there and it has become a great place to explore and relax.

The ship is a short kayak or boat ride from the main island and is in the shallows of said island.

The ship has become quite the attraction and a portion of the wreck is above the waterline so you can sit and relax on it whilst just below the water you can swim around the wreck and join the hundreds of fish that call it home!

Cliff jumping 

Theres certain spots around the island that are great for cliff jumping. The island has plenty of cliffs and beautiful waters for you to plunge into!

Cliff jumping Dugi Otok
Cliff jumping Dugi Otok

Now don’t just go picking anywhere! If you want to go cliff jumping then I recommend joining an island kayak tour that knows the best and safest spots to do it!

The cute towns 

The island has a population of about 1500 lovely Croatians and the towns they live are so cute!

Sali, the main town, is on the southern part of the island and is just adorable to Explore. The buildings are beautiful colors, and the restaurants there are very good!

Sali Harbour, Dugi Otok

Sali’s bay is also beautiful and you can relax by it watching the boats come and go on the beautiful turquoise waters.

The other towns on the islands really aren’t geared up for tourists, and you’ll probably get weird looks from the locals who don’t expect you there.

However, you can still explore them and see all the little quirky features they have!

The Beaches on Dugi Otok 

The fact that Dugi Otok isnt swamped by tourists is great, but a mystery to me.

The island is home to some of the best beaches in the Adriatic and they have no one on them!

Sakuran Beach, Dugi Otok
Sakuran Beach, Dugi Otok

Most of them are of course pebbly, so take your shoes and towels, but the most popular beach, Sakuran, is sandy!

Lojišće, Brbinjšćica, Veli Rat, Veli Žal are 4 of the other beaches on the island. Ill let you google them and decide which ones to visit 😉

Bloody hell, I wrote that quick. Haven’t sobered up though. 

Enjoy Dugi Otok!

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