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drinks in bangkok
The best bars in Bangkok

The Bangkok nightlife is an integral part of any trip to Thailand. As well as this the country is one of the top tourist destinations in the world and with good reason. Activities like fishing trips, scenic scuba dives, world-class massages and the plethora of Thai cuisine ensures the Southeast Asian nation is a paradise for visitors.

Of course, yet another reason to visit Thailand is its Bangkok nightlife. In Bangkok alone, there are a number of different bars in Bangkok that visitors can experience. Below are just some of the best establishments.

Maggie Choo’s

Maggie Choo's bar
Maggie Choo’s Bar

Occupying the basement level at Novotel Fenix Silom Bangkok, the Bangkok Post describes this bar as having a chic-mystique ambience. That’s because the bar is decorated with hanging paper umbrellas, tasselled lampshades, and faded photos that give off a retro Chinese cabaret vibe.

It even has its own noodle shop, as well as roasted duck on rice, chicken and prawn-stuffed fried wonton, and crispy pork with soy noodles all for 310 baht (£8.29) or less. Turning to the bar, one can have the punch for 340 baht (£9.09), a fruity concoction of Bombay Sapphire, Shiraz and Cointreu or a deceptively potent cocktail called the Golden Pixie. Combined with its unique atmosphere, Maggie Choo’s solidifies its place as a Bangkok Nightlife must-visit.

Vesper Bar Bangkok

Vesper Bar
Vesper Bar

Named after James Bond’s famous martini, Vesper exudes class and sophistication. Since its transition from a bar and restaurant to a cocktail bar in 2017, Vesper has gained local and international recognition. Green marble, plush leather bar stools, and subdued lighting create the perfect vintage European bar aesthetic, and their cocktails have inspired aficionados all over the city. Its Art Book cocktail concept series was especially noteworthy with the bar earlier this year offering art-inspired cocktails using a combination of locally grown ingredients and cutting-edge culinary techniques. A great place to visit if you want your drinking experience to be both unique and sophisticated. 

The Clubhouse Sports Bar & Grill

The Clubhouse Sports Bar & Grill
The Clubhouse Sports Bar & Grill

Watching sports is very popular in Thailand and a big part of the culture. While many people think that Muay Thai is the top sport, other international sports are becoming even more popular with the locals.

An extensive Expatbet’s feature on sports betting in Thailand details how watching live matches and wagering on the results is a popular pastime in the country.

With most forms of wagering banned in Thailand due to strict gambling laws, many Thai’s indulge in their love of sports betting by placing bets on international football and basketball matches.

This has led to the rise of good sports bars in Bangkok where Thai’s can combine their love of food and sport in one place, and the best place for doing so is The Clubhouse Sports Bar & Grill.

Part of Clubhouse’s appeal is the wide variety of sports it shows, with no less than 11 HD TVs at the venue. Its spaciousness also offers a pleasant departure from the claustrophobic and dark wood-lined walls of so many of Thailand’s ‘British’-themed pubs.

Its solid international menu is backed by its selection of local beers, as well as imported offerings. 

Brown Sugar 

Brown Sugar Bangkok
Brown Sugar Bar

Around since the mid-1980’s, this venue is a staple in the Bangkok nightlife scene. Yet age doesn’t mean it’s no longer relevant- -even today Brown Sugar remains one of the best jazz bars in the city.

No band ever seems to play at the venue twice and the sounds only get funkier and upbeat as the night goes on. 

Though there’s an emphasis on the music, the menu holds its own and offers both Thai food and Western dishes. Classic cocktails like a Long Island Tea cost 280 baht (£7.48), local beers go for 160 baht (£4.28) and imported beers for 250 baht (£6.68).

Together with its standout music, Brown Sugar is the perfect place to dance the night away with friends in one of the best bars in Bangkok.

Tuba Bar

Tuba Bar Bangkok
Tuba Bar

Part antique gallery and part bohemian hangout, Tuba Bar is definitely an eccentric place. 10Best’s review of Tuba Bar details that many of the antiques, paintings and retro furniture are even for sale, making it perfect for art aficionados.

The Thai-Italian menu boasts a mouth-watering selection of pizza, calamari and sea bass. Afterwards, it can be washed down with a wide selection of beers. For the more daring though, there’s the option of trying their goblet-sized cocktails. 

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Bounce – Holborn and Old Street.Booking Ping Pong 17th 1040x360If your into table tennis, good drinks and delicious bar food (lets be honest who isn’t!?) – then Bounce is the place for you! If you fancy a slightly different date or just want to have a hit and a beer with a few mates then you can pre book tables at a reasonable price! Be prepared to get some amazing rallies going – automatic win if you get it in your opponents glass 😉
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