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Copenhagen is nestled in the beautiful Northern islands of the near-utopia that is Denmark.

The country is consistently ranked in the top 3 happiest countries in the world and when you visit Copenhagen, its pretty easy to see why.

The capital has everything you could want for a perfect weekend getaway. The best patisseries, the cutest buildings, tonnes of art, fascinating history, unique activities, and stunning parks for you to laze all day in.

Copenhagen certainly has that big city feel. However, its small enough for you to walk around the whole place in a day.

Read on to find out what to do in the capital of Denmark, the country that pays its students to go to university.

Unexplored alleyways and courtyards

It’s really easy to stick on the main streets when walking through Copenhagen. There’s nothing wrong with this, they’re stunning and full or great eateries.

However, if you slow it down and take a look around, you’re going notice lots of little alleyways. These little alleyways lead you to the cities beautiful and deserted courtyards.

When you’re in one of these courtyards the sound of Copenhagen disappears and you’re free to explore all the little secrets they hold.

In one of these courtyards you’ll find a fountain that runs the whole height of the surrounding buildings. In another you can find a tree made out of wine bottles.

Each one has it’s own little secrets for you to explore and there are countless more!

Famous Danish pastries

Going to Denmark and not stuffing your face with their famous pastries is like going to church and not praying.

You’re not just going to visit the home of mouth watering pastries and ignore them are you?

No? Didn’t think so!

Some of the best patisseries in the world are found in Copenhagen. They all serve the multilayered sweet bundles of joy we know and love.

Some patisseries are more traditional while others have taken a contemporary twist on the food. Try them all to find your favourite!

Boating on the canals

Fancy doing something relaxing and a little different? Then hiring a boat with some friends and exploring the cities water ways is for you!

You can truly experience Copenhagen from the water by hiring a boat from GoBoat. The boats are even silent as they are solar powered.

copenhagen new harbour river

You can hire them for up to 3 hours and they even include a little table for you to sit around and drink at!

A great way to relax with some friends while exploring the city.

The parks of Copenhagen

The parks! Oh the parks!

If you have had your fill of beautiful buildings and delicious food then head to one of Copenhagen’s beautiful parks.

These pictures are taking from the Kings Gardens which has so much space for you to relax, explore, and most importantly – activities!

There park is the oldest in the city and was built as private gardens for King christian IV around the rather sumptuous Rosenborg Castle.

The park is split into sections with many having flower gardens and there are even beautiful waters around the castle.

Other parks for you to explore in the city include the Botanical Gardens, Frederiksberg Gardens, and Kalvebod Fælled.

Scoot around Copenhagen

Everywhere you walk in Copenhagen you will see electric scooters propped up in the most random places.

You may think they’ve just been abandoned, but no, they are part of multiple electric scooter schemes in the city!

copenhagen electric scooters

All you have to do is download the app, put in your payment details, and scan the scooters QR code.

Then zooooooom, off you go around the city at up to 20km/hr.

If your scooter runs out of juice then just scan another scooter you find.

These things are such a great and fun way to see the city. I wish we had them in London, but the silly laws are stopping it D:

Tivoli Gardens

An evening spent at Tivoli Gardens is an evening spent well in Copenhagen.

The 19th Century Amusement is the second oldest amusement park in the world (the 1st is also in Denmark), and is both thrilling and stunning at the same time.

Walt Disney even used it for inspiration!

Located in the heart of the city the amusement park is great for all ages.

There are rides for everyone from kiddies to thrill seekers and also lush gardens for you to explore, all within the amazing architecture of the park.

The best time to visit however, is definitely at night as the whole park is illuminated by thousands of beautiful lights.

Nyhavn area

If you have seen any pictures of Copenhagen it’s likely you’ve seen pictures of the New Harbour.

The new harbour is the most touristy part of Copenhagen but it is still exceedingly beautiful.

The buildings along the canals are painted with all the colours you can see on the telletubbies, and the canals are full of traditional boats you just want to sail around the world on.

Outside Copenhagen

If you’ve got a little bit of extra time in Copenhagen then you should definitely head out of the city and delve into the rest of Denmark!

A great little half day or full day trip is to the Louisiana Museum of Modern art 30 minutes outside the capital.

Some of the art at this place is amazing, and some is a admittedly a little whacky. However, the main reason I loved the museum was it’s grounds!

The grounds are huge and have some great sculptures in them. The whole area is a great place to relax and even have a nap.

Being next to the sea you can hear the waves crashing on the shore, and also see Sweden!

Frederiksborg Castle is another stunning day outside of Copenhagen.

The largest Renaissance castle in Scandinavia is about a 30 minute train ride from the city and visiting the castle will take you back centuries!

The castle was built in 1621 but then burnt down in 1859! The castle was re built to its former glory and it’s absolutely stunning.

You can explore the ground and lakes for hours on end and the castle is a actually a museum so is full of fancy pants artefacts for you to view.

For a weekend away, Copenhagen is a great destination. The city is small enough for you to explore on foot but packs a punch when it comes to awesome things to see!

However, if you’re staying for a bit longer than a weekend, there are also plenty of day trips for you to explore outside of the city!

Enjoy you beautiful bunch x