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eco-tourism Cambodia sunset
eco-tourism Cambodia sunset

The idea of eco-tourism is growing in popularity. This is especially true among backpackers who prefer to minimise their carbon footprint on holiday.

Cambodia, land of temples and tropical beaches, is increasingly draw for visitors with a eco-friendly aim. You may be keen to learn about Cambodian history, shop in vibrant markets, or try the delicious, fresh local food.

These days there are plenty of activities for eco-conscious travellers in Cambodia. If you’re interested in travelling sustainably in this picturesque South East Asian country, don’t miss these eco-tourism experiences:

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One of the most popular regions in the world to travel to is Southeast Asia. And there are plenty of reasons why. You get the experience of immersing yourself in an entirely different culture that feels a world away from what we are used to in the west. You can enjoy some magical natural scenery including the karst limestone cliffs of Halong Bay and the pristine white beaches of the Thai islands. You can enjoy plenty of delicious food and drink in the knowledge that it all costs a fraction of what it does back home. And since it is a place that attracts so many backpackers from around the world, you have the peace of mind that it is a very easy and safe place to travel around.

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When people visit South East Asia, most travellers decide to check out Thailand or Vietnam. For whatever reason, many people overlook the idea of going to Cambodia. Maybe it’s because they heard terrible stories about the government during the early 1980s? Who knows? Cambodia is a nation of people who have recently experienced a great tragedy. More than half of the country’s population was killed during the reign of a communist government under the instruction of Pol Pot. You can research him yourself.  However the country is seeing somewhat of a resurgence and today, we’re taking a look at why Cambodia is set to become the next big backpacking destination.

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This ultimate Southeast Asia travel itinerary will allow you to delve deep into 4 uniquely amazing countries. all of it will take around 2-3 months but you can of course adapt it to any time frame! 

Thailand has crazy cities mixed with beautiful tropical islands, and both are waiting to be explored!

Laos, a communist country, is very laid back and a lot less developed than its neighbours, however, it contains Luang Prabang – one of my favourite cities in the world. 

Vietnam has the craziest cities ever but also beautiful seaside towns that are just like little oases.

Whilst Cambodia has the famous Angkor Wat temples, beautiful jungles and a dark history waiting to be explored.

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