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One of the most popular regions in the world to travel to is Southeast Asia. And there are plenty of reasons why. You get the experience of immersing yourself in an entirely different culture that feels a world away from what we are used to in the west. You can enjoy some magical natural scenery including the karst limestone cliffs of Halong Bay and the pristine white beaches of the Thai islands. You can enjoy plenty of delicious food and drink in the knowledge that it all costs a fraction of what it does back home. And since it is a place that attracts so many backpackers from around the world, you have the peace of mind that it is a very easy and safe place to travel around.

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Of all the ways to travel, backpacking has to be one of the most exciting around. The real beauty of backpacking is that you can more or less wander as a free person, come and go as you please, and (usually) spend a lot less money than travelling in many other ways. But for all its joys and advantages, there are also a number of challenges inherent in this mode of travel. It is not for the light-hearted or the underprepared, and there are many things you should consider before heading off. Let’s think about some of the ways that you can ensure you have a much better time while backpacking.

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When people visit South East Asia, most travellers decide to check out Thailand or Vietnam. For whatever reason, many people overlook the idea of going to Cambodia. Maybe it’s because they heard terrible stories about the government during the early 1980s? Who knows? Cambodia is a nation of people who have recently experienced a great tragedy. More than half of the country’s population was killed during the reign of a communist government under the instruction of Pol Pot. You can research him yourself.  However the country is seeing somewhat of a resurgence and today, we’re taking a look at why Cambodia is set to become the next big backpacking destination.

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Europe is great for backpackers; unrestricted travel, great transport links, universal currency (apart from us Brits, we like the queen on our money), the best hostels and a diverse mix of great countries. Here are my top 10 European cities for backpackers and my favourite hostel in each destination.
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So you’re travelling around the world and you’ve stumbled across a willing mate, congrats!

But can you have sex in a hostel? – and how the hell do you express your hormonal instincts whilst staying in a room with 10 other people?

Whether you’ve met them during the day when sober, or on a night out whilst drunk, it all comes down to logistics.

Here are some options for you to consider…..

Shower Time.

The shower area is a very good option!

Even though it’ll be pretty confined you’ll have that all important privacy.

The sound of the shower will mask most noises that come from you or your partner and you’ll come out feeling squeaky clean and refreshed 😉

Outdoor hostel sex.

Risky but worth it.

Some hostels have outdoor areas such as roof terraces with sofas, choose a good time (when everyone’s gone to bed) and you’ll have the comfort of the cushions and the romantic backdrop of the stars.

It’s down to mother nature whether you get rained on, but don’t let that stop you…

Wait until your dorm is empty.

By far the riskiest option on this list. Someone could walk in at any moment!

can you have sex in a hostel?
No sex going on here guys, we swear.

If you know your room-mates well you could ask them to give you some time but its unlikely you’ll be able to ask everyone in your room.

If someone does walk in its going to be mighty awkward for the remainder of your stay 😉

Book a private room.

The safest option on the list, but the one that costs you some dollar.

The hostel may have some private rooms that are going to be pretty cheap compared to hotels.

If they don’t you could fork out some extra buck for a hotel and experience that o so important comfort, privacy and most importantly – a double bed!

The Towel wall.

This neat little trick is your last resort if you have no other option but your dorm.

This only works on the lower bunk so if you’re on a top bunk your destined to have no hostel sex.

You can hang a towel from the upper bunk as a kind of curtain to give at least some privacy!

Make sure its secured well, otherwise you’ll be exposed mid flow!  It’s unlikely you’ll win any awards for best room mate, but hey, you had hostel sex!

I hope this has answered the nagging question of can you have sex in a hostel? The answer is yes! There are many ways, each have a slight element of risk, but hey you’re traveling 😉

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1)Say hi to everyone. Literally everyone one you cross paths with. Hostels are a melting pot of personalities and you can make some great friends. The people that you chat to will probably end up being the people you explore your destination with and get drunk with on nights out. You might even travel to other destinations with them and become lifelong friends…… who knows! If you’re travelling on your own this is a pretty essential skill to have if you want to have a fun time!
2)Invite everyone out. So it’s likely you’re hostel is going to have organised nights out which everyone is invited to, these are great! However if you’re going on a night or day out with a few people, invite others out from your hostel, you never know what great personalities you’ll meet that just need to be nudged out of their shell.
3)Buy a Padlock. Buy one and keep it with ya. Most hostels have lockers or cabinets in your rooms to store stuff in but they’ll charge you for a padlock. Get your own and you have peace of mind J
4)Get to know the staff. Some hostels you visit are made great by the staff that work there! If you get to know them they’ll help you get the most out of the city and are a great laugh on nights out! Plus, you might get free drinks from the hostel bar 😉
5)Double check if there’s a curfew. On a night out make sure you don’t get locked out! I did this once in Laos and had to scale a fence with some friends which we broke by accident. Safe to say the hostel owner wasn’t a happy chap!
6)Go on hostel nights out! Quite often these include a lot of free drink and entry into clubs. They’ll take you to places that you wouldn’t have found on your own and are a great opportunity to chat to anyone you haven’t yet had the chance to!
7)Cook your own food! Fair enough, in some countries like Thailand and Laos it’s so cheap to eat out that it’s probably not worth your time preparing your own food. However, in more expensive European cities it’s definitely worth your time and will save you money. Go to a local shop and buy anything. Most hostels have a decent kitchen and you’ll be amazed at what recipes you can come up with!
8)Sister hostels. Arrive at a hostel and there’s no space? Often one hostel is linked to many other ones that might have space! It’s usually the case that they’re just around the corner and some of these connected hostels will come together on nights out to double up on the fun!