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If you like your holidays to be full of adventure, Iceland is the ideal trip for you. It isn’t your average sunbathing, sand and sea, and you’re more likely to have a hot chocolate in your hand than a cocktail, but it will certainly be an experience to remember. Iceland is one of those places you absolutely have to see at least once in a lifetime, and with so much to do there, it’s difficult to narrow down your sightseeing list. So, if you’ve got a short time frame in Iceland, here’s what you need to prioritise.

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Now its not often that Connor and I pay to see male genitalia.

Surprisingly enough, we’ve never done it before.

That was until our last day in Iceland, when we decided the visit the Phallus (penis) Museum of Iceland.

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Our second full day tour saw us explore a cave within the depths of a lava field.

The laws of Volcanoes state; whenever a lava field forms there is always a lava cave formed within it.

Another law states; 1100 years after the lava cave has formed, a bunch of tourists must explore it.

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Want to know what you’ll see if you book onto the famous Golden Circle Tour in Iceland? Then Check out this Vlog!

The first vlog from Iceland is of the tour myself and Connor took through the Golden Circle area of Iceland.

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Ever since the eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull Volcano (pronounced AY-yah-fyad-layer-kuh-tel) thrust Iceland’s amazing landscape into global media, the country has been on everyone’s bucket list.

There’s so much to do in Iceland; it literally has everything geological you could think of; glaciers, volcanoes, earthquakes, geysers, hot springs and countless others. There are also a tonne of tours and activities to go on throughout this fantastic looking country.

With all this is can be pretty hard to decide what to do and how to plan your holiday! Well you can relax, all is well, TheWanderingBroski  has provided you with your comprehensive guide on how to plan your trip to the land of fire and ice baby!

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Well hello there my little cherubs,

Me and my best mate Connor have just returned from a 4 day trip to the land of fire and ice that is Iceland!

We went on 3 epic excursions, explored Reykjavik and spent too much money! – It’s what happens when a pint of Guinness is £11!

We also took lots of photos and videos to share with you guys.

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Helsinki Helsinki_skyline_sommer_mit_DomThe capital of Finland is not the first place you think of when you think of weekend breaks. However, the city has been gaining a reputation as an awesome place to stay. The city is situated within hundreds of small islands on the countries southern coast and is surrounded by a pristine wilderness of pine forests and mountains. The city itself is vibrant with many great places to eat and drink whilst also having one of the best nightlife scenes in Northern Europe. I’ve always wanted to visit a Northern European city, particularly in winter time. Other options would include Stockholm, Copenhagen or Oslo. However, Helsinki seems like as good a place as any to start exploring Northern Europe!
Iceland iceland_fjallabak_09_bigIceland has always been near the top of my list.  The island is on the boundary of two tectonic plates which results in a volcanic landscape that is second to none. The scenery is full of canyons, volcanoes, hot springs and glaciers all waiting to be explored. The country also has great views of the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis to give it its technical name) in the early months of the year. There are also reasonably priced hostels doted all around the island, so a big thumbs up there! The night life in the capital Reykjavik is also meant to be pretty sweet, partying then climbing a glacier the next day would be fine right? I think I’d want to go to Iceland for at least a week and rent a car which would be a great way to see the country as it gives you so much freedom. The island is small enough to do a full circle stopping of in different towns along the way!
Summer 2016 japanIf I can afford it I would love to go somewhere in the summer as well! Japan has always been on the list as it just has such a cool culture, amazing history and seems so technologically advanced! South Africa is also on there, the country seems so real and fresh and just has to be explored!