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Lake Skadar is a stunning National Park for you to explore in Montenegro. Situated in the south east of the country, the area is home to rare wildlife, secluded beaches, and the largest lake in Southern Europe. 

Lake Skadar National Park is a 20 minute drive or 30 minute train ride south of the capital Podgorica. As a result it’s a perfect day trip from the capital or stunning retreat to relax at for a couple of days.

The National Park is often overlooked by tourists, and It’s absolutely bamboozling why. This means you don’t have to share it with lots of happy snapping tourists. On your trip you’re likely to visit parts of it and be one of the only people there. 

I stayed on the lake for 2 nights in the town of Virpazar which was an awesome base from which to explore the region. Here’s 5 great things you can do in and around Lake Skadar. 

Kayak on Lake Skadar

From the town of Virpazar you can rent yourself a colourful kayak for an hour or the whole day. On these you can silently explore the river that runs from the town into the lake.

lake skadar kayak
Relaxing on my kayak

Along the way you’ll pass towering reeds, never ending carpets of lily pads, and plenty of the lakes famous wildlife.

You can stop and relax on your kayak among the nature whenever you feel like it. When you leave the river you’ll be out on the big open lake. You’ll feel so tiny in your little kayak but will be mesmerised by the views!

lake skadar lilly pads
Endless lily pads with plenty of wildlife.

I would suggest leaving early in the morning when it is calmer as it can be quite an effort kayaking back against the wind.

Godinje Bay

If you’re looking for a little bit of beach paradise to have all to yourself then Pješačac beach in Godinje Bay is the place you should be spending at least a morning. 

The bay is a 90min walk from Virpazar, or a €15 return taxi. The driver will also pick you up at whatever time you want – how nice. 

Once you’ve arrived and walked over the rocky shoreline path the little piece of paradise will reveal itself to you.

lake skadar secret beach
lake skadar secret beach

The beach is a small one looking over the lake with old concrete jetties either side of it. In the distance you can see Fortress Grmožur – Skadars version of Alcatraz. In the waters lapping the beach are thousands of tiny little fish ready to nibble you.

I was at the beach for about 3 hours and only one tourist boat popped by. The rest of the time it was me and a couple of other people – paradise!

Lake Skadar Boat tour

If you fancy exploring the wonders of Lake Skadar in a little more comfort and with a private guide, then you can book a boat tour.

lake skadar boat tour

There are multiple boat tours running from Virpazar. Most of these will take you to interesting points along the lake. This includes remote islands, beaches, and areas with a lot of wildlife.

The tours will also stop of in the middle of the lake for you to take a swim in the refreshing waters of Skadar!


Surrounding the lake you will find some truly memorable hikes.  The multiple valleys and hills in the area allow for multitude of awe inspiring routes through the imposing environment.

My favourite hike was the Walnut Valley hike that takes 5-7 hours round trip. You will go for hours without seeing another soul, walk over ancient bridges, and will end at secluded waterfalls deep in the valley.

You can join in on a group hike on Saturdays, any other day it’s down to you!


Overlooking the town of Virpazar is Besac Castle. The castle is only a short 15minute walk from the town and costs 1 euro to enter.

lake skadar drone shot
The fort os on the hill to the right of the town.

The attraction has undergone a recent restoration and is very nice to walk around at sunset. The views over the lake and the surrounding areas are stunning.

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