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We all love sporting events. Even if you don’t take part in sport you most likely enjoy watching at least one sport.

Now, when you’re looking for a city that’s sport mad, London is probably the sporting capital of the world.

It’s no surprise really, The Brits pretty much invented most of the major sports that are played across the world today. And no you beautiful Americans, we’re not including American Football in that category – no one else plays it!

So head to London to revel in an atmosphere of great sporting history and tradition, and see the worlds best athletes compete at the top of their game.


Wimbledon Sorting events London
Wimbledon Sorting events London

Ah, strawberries and cream. Wimbledon is the jam to your scone, the butter to your toast, and the sugar to your tea. The oldest tennis tournament in the world is held in South West London and sees the worlds top tennis players battle it out for the most prestigious title.

Take a stroll around the practice courts, relax  in front of the big screens on Henman Hill (controversially now Murray Mount), or be lucky enough to bag a ticket to one of the main courts.

If you haven’t booked in advance no need to worry. There are several thousand ground admission tickets and 500 centre court tickets reserved every day for people queuing outside. Be careful though – the queues are huge!

Rugby 7’s

The Rugby 7’s is great for a fun day out with your mates. It’s 7 aside rugby tournament held at the home of English Rugby – Twickenham Stadium. Teams representing countries from across the globe compete over this two day event in May.

The athletes are some of the best in the world but there is a party atmosphere around the whole tournament. It’s pretty much mandatory to dress up in the stupidest costume you can, as well as consume copious amounts of the amber nectar.

Oxford – Cambridge Boat Race

Oxford Cambridge boat race lodnon
Oxford Cambridge boat race lodnon

The Oxford Cambridge Boat Race has been running since 1856 and is the epitome of English sporting events tradition.

Every year in April, two teams of 8 rowers, one from Oxford University, and one from Cambridge University compete along a 4.2 mile stretch of the River Thames.

The teams are often full the best rowers in the world. This year (2019) Cambridge had an Olympic gold medalist in their team (probably that’s why they won). Currently Cambridge are winning with 84 wins to Oxfords 80.

Every year 250,000 people line the Thames banks to watch it – go and join them!

6 Nations Rugby


If you’re looking for a slightly more serious, but no less fun experience when it comes to English rugby then the 6 Nations Champions are for you.

Every year England compete against Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France, and Italy for the 6 Nations Crown, with at least 2 games being played at Twickenham in London.

There are fierce rivalries between England and all the other teams, well maybe except Italy (they’re a bit rubbish), so you are guaranteed an electric atmosphere in which to watch the beautiful kicks, brutal tackles, and pulse racing tries.

Premier League Football matches.

Premier League London sports events
Premier League London sports events

You cant talk about sport in London without mentioning Football. England is the home of football and has arguably the most competitive league in the world, as well as the oldest club competition in the world, the FA cup.

London is lucky enough to be home to 6 premier league clubs; Chelsea, Tottenham, Arsenal, West Ham, and Crystal Palace.

Tickets sell out quick, and can be expensive – probably because clubs spend hundreds of millions building their teams, so book in advance if you can!

NFL Games

NFL sporting events london
NFL sporting events London

Ok, I know I had a little dig at Americans in the intro about no one else playing their version of football.  However, they are kind enough to come over to London 4 times a year and play actual NFL games at two of our cities main stadiums; Wembley and Tottenham.

I went to a college football game in America and although it was very long (3.5 hours to be precise) it was a spectacle and a great deal of fun.

Even the 90,000 seater Wembley quickly sells out, so have a look when they’re on and book in advance!

If this little article hasn’t got you reaching for your sports watching hat, then I don’t know what will.

London is a sporting events lovers dream and you won’t find any shortage of sports to watch. If you don’t actually make it to a sports event, then watch it in one of the many thousands of pubs you’ll find dotted around London to truly soak in the atmosphere.

You’ll find yourself jumping up from your seat, shouting, cursing, cheering, and maybe even crying.

It’s coming home eventually.

Michael x

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