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The countdown to Christmas has well and truly begun. It won’t be long until we are all opening our Christmas presents and celebrating the magical day with those we love dearly. But, where do you plan on spending your Christmas this year? If you are looking to enjoy the festive period in a new destination you should definitely consider some of Asia’s finest locations. There are lots of places in the continent that are assured to provide you with a very merry Christmas. Let’s take a look at these in further detail; where in Asia should you go for Christmas this year?


Goa, India

Christmas traditions in India are assured to provide you with a real treat and Goa is undoubtedly the destination of choice. The great thing about Goa is that there is something for everybody. If you are looking to party the day and night away, then you can do just that. However, if you are looking for areas that are more peaceful, then there are family beaches such as Banaulim and Palolem which provide this. Nonetheless, the best thing about Christmas in Goa is undoubtedly the food. You can expect massive delicious feasts and everywhere in Goa is guaranteed to be decorated. You won’t miss out on the Christmas feel – that’s for certain.


Manila, Philippines

If you truly want to embrace the magic of Christmas the Philippines is the place to go. You may need some vaccines beforehand, though, so do take a trip to the doctor. You may be given a vaccination or you may merely be given a prescription to take with you in your men’s toiletry bag. This is important. After all, there is nothing like an illness to ruin Christmas, is there? The country is predominantly Christian and thus the festive holiday is celebrated massively. In fact, even the non-Christians embrace the festivities with just as much vigor. You can expect plenty of food, plenty of drinks, plenty of music and plenty of gifts. The atmosphere is one that cannot be done justice by mere words. It is truly delightful. You can expect a colourful vacation here to say the least.


Langkawi, Malaysia

The third and final Christmas destination we are about to delve into is Langkawi in Malaysia. If you are looking to spend Christmas in the sunshine you will struggle to find somewhere better than here. You can enjoy the festive season whilst relaxing on a boat or enjoying one of the fun-filled adrenalin charged cable car rides. This is a unique Christmas experience and one that many seem to enjoy. And don’t worry, despite the majority of the island’s community being Hindu or Muslim, Christmas is still embraced and celebrated by the tourists.

You are sure to have a fantastic Christmas this year if you choose to spend it in one of the places mentioned. If any of the places mentioned don’t tickle your fancy, take a look at the following; Hoi An (Vietnam), Bangkok (Thailand), Seoul (South Korea) and Tokyo (Japan).

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9 thoughts on “Some Of The Best Places To Go In Asia This Christmas

  1. Hey Mike ..Sorry I am little too late to comment here as Chistmas is long gone but it really feels good to read about one’s own country from tourists perspective and it feels even better when they have only good words to say . Naturally , as an Indian , I really felt happy to see Goa right up there on your list.. Just wanted to add buddy , whenever you plan your next trip to India & Goa in particular , just don’t miss visiting the two of the cleanest & exceptionally beautiful beaches there – Ashwem Beach & Agonda Beach . You may read more about them here :


    Thank You .


  2. Was looking into spending Xmas in Thailand but luckily never got further as my husband is now scheduled for a hip replacement. Won’t be going anywhere until February 2019 but a girl can still dream…….

      1. Because if I’d booked it I would have to cancel on account of my husband’s. It’s a pre-existing condition so my travel insurer would not have reimbursed any costs. But luckily I didn’t oncur any!

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