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We all know that every country in the world is different. Different traditions, customs, and social norms are a wonderful new experience, but can often take a unsuspecting visitor by surprise. Britain is no different, with such a rich history certain things have evolved that may want to take note of before you visit.

Yes, we’ve had tea with a member of the Royal Family

You’re going to ask anyway, so we might as well go along with it, right?

Tea comes out of the taps.

English_cream_teaimage via Wikimedia from Mizzyjo

I wish. But given the amount we drink, it might as well. Celebrating something? – Put the kettle on. Just broken up with your partner? – Put the kettle one. Just woke up? – Put the kettle on. There really is no wrong time to have a cup of tea.

During your stay, take a trip to a tea room to feel as British as possible. In these tea rooms you can eat cakes and little miniature sandwiches alongside your tea until you feel like you’re ready to recite ‘God Save the Queen’ whilst sweeping chimneys.

We’re divided but united.


Britain is made up of 3 wonderful nations: England, Scotland, and Wales. Each have their own unique traditions, ways of life, accents, and one person from each nation always walks into a bar at the same time for some reason.

We pick and choose when we’re three different countries or one nation. Football and Rugby show us as 3 fierce rivals, whilst the Olympic Games bring us together like one big happy family. You’ll hear a Scotsman slating the English one second, then having a pint with his English mates down the pub the next. Understand that the rivalries are often on show, but really, we like each other and the majority of us want to stay together!

We’re probably having a better summer than you

Honestly, London has felt like a Mediterranean Oasis for the last few weeks, and it shows no sign of letting up. If you’re lucky to be here right now (July, 2018) then bravo. If not, then get your ass over here ASAP! There is nothing like chilling in a Royal Park on a summers day in London.

We all think England are going to win the World Cup.

Let’s face it. We beat Panama, and we won a penalty shoot out for the first time.

It’s coming home.

The British Countryside is unbeatable.

1920px-Keswick_Panorama_-_Oct_2009Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0

Once outside of the cities, you quickly enter a green paradise that you can’t get enough of. There are 15 National parks in Britain and all of them are worth visiting. Many are full of majestic mountains, beautiful lakes, tranquil villages, and rolling green hills filled with sheep for as far as the eye can see.

The nation is obsessed with single Brits living on a Spanish island.

Who knew that putting a load of single, young, and half made out of silicon Brits in a villa together for weeks on end would provide such great entertainment? Apparently one of the contestants fathers believes in Aliens….

We’re all pissed off about Brexit.

Whether a British person voted for Brexit or not doesn’t really matter, everyone’s pissed off about it. Brexiteers are pissed off because negotiations have turned into a shambles and it looks like they’re not getting the deal that they were promised. Remainers are pissed off because they just don’t want it happening at all.

Pissed off and pissed are different things.

Pissed off = angry

Pissed = drunk

Other ways of saying pissed:

  • Plastered
  • Rat – Arsed
  • Trolleyed
  • Carparked
  • Gaziboed
  • Sloshed
  • Off your tits/face

Britain is creatively world leading.

Royal_National_Theatre,_LondonImage via Wikimedia by David Samuel

Britain has the world’s best music venues and some of the worlds best theatre productions, just to start. Britain plays host to some of the best music acts in the world, in some of the best venues in the world whilst also providing countless stages for new emerging artists. The music festival scene in Britain is also second to none, take a trip to Glastonbury, V festival, or Reading and Leeds. The West End theatres are second to none and will transport you to another world.

We say sorry, a lot.

Oh, you just trod on my shoe while you walked past me – so sorry my foot was there.

And we don’t really mean what we say.

British people really do beat around the bush. Confrontation isn’t exactly the most comfortable thing, so brits will avoid this at all costs. We’ll often say something in such a nice way that you don’t get the actual message, which creates such confusion. If British people feel like something may offend someone, they probably won’t say it, and just make something else up. We’re a funny bunch.

We’re sport mad.

7716826098_883b8ca71e_bImage via Flickr from AI King

And its not just football (soccer). We love our rugby, tennis, cricket, motor racing, athletics, and so much more. A trip to a Premier league football match (Aug-May) will show you the true spirit of football. If you’re here in summer take a trip to Wimbledon and treat your self to some traditional strawberries and cream.

International Rugby matches regularly take place at the major international stadiums such as Twickenham, Cardiff, or Murrayfield. Horse racing is a great excuse to get dressed up and is the second largest spectator sport in Britain. The Grand national, Ascot, Cheltenham, and Epsom are just some of the horse racing event son throughout the year.

If you come here, don’t cut in line

You will be sent back from whence you came if you have the audacity to join a que anywhere apart from the back. British people take queuing very seriously. Although, we probably won’t say anything if you did do it, you’ll just feel the eyes in the back of your head as we slowly imagine what we would say to you on another occasion.

Its Bloody Awesome

Britain is truly Great. We have the quirkiest traditions, world famous attractions, the richest history around, the birth place of great new ideas, and a mind-boggling mix of regions, accents, and ways of life – just to get started. All these qualities make the rest of the world a tad jealous of this little island, and they also make Britain an amazing place to visit.

If you take the advice on this list, then you’re sure to fit into the British way of life for however long your visit in. Deviate from it and you run this risk of making a brit say something completely different to what they mean, or even worse, say sorry.

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