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This like of the 5 best things to do in Bangkok will save your skin! Being a foreigner in a city as huge as Bangkok can be a daunting experience; you want to make sure you go to the best places and you absolutely don’t want to miss out on any opportunities in this jewel of Asia.

Having stayed in Bangkok a couple of times myself, and after gaining multiple tips from other travelers, I’ve compiled this list of the best leisure activities to enjoy during your stay. During your time in the city, make sure you stay in some of the best IHG hotels in Bangkok.

Siam Park City

6226379006_aa57acf13a_oImage via Flickr by Alberto Varella

This park is located in the Khan Na Yao District of the city and provides a whole day of fun for children and adults. The park contains a huge water park as well as a regular amusement park. Chill for hours in the huge tidal pool that has its own wave machine, zoom down a myriad of colorful slides, take a trip on the massive log flume, or sunbathe all day. The possibilities here are wide and varied!

Bangkok Spas and Relaxation 

5020710455_7a9469bcf0_oImage via Flickr by Mike Behnken

Bangkok is full of spas that will provide serenity. Float Centre offer pods filled with a saltwater solution heated to 35 degrees (95 F) that you can float in for up to an hour. The pods deprive your body of its senses, and apparently, it is one of the world’s most effective forms or relaxation and stress relief. 

Bangkok Cooking Class

5918486268_b138bab741_oImage via Flickr by Tara Angor Hotel

Eating the wondrous food that Bangkok has to offer is one thing; being able to recreate that food back at home is certainly another. Bangkok cooking classes such as Silom Cooking School and Chef Leez Cooking School offer easy-to-master classes that will teach you a select few dishes of Thailand  that you can cook at home. Thai Green Curry and Pad Thai are my favorites.

Lumpini Park

8924155257_7584bf56b9_oImage via Flickr by newroadboy

This park in the middle of the city contains huge monitor lizards that will crawl out of the water before your very eyes. Why not take a trip around the lake on a paddleboat that is shaped like a swan and enjoy the peace and tranquility in the middle of this bustling city. Tai Chi lessons are available in the park as well.

Floating Market Tour

5293199154_2a0ee13551_oImage via Flickr by Anna Shahira

Bangkok is home to beautiful and hectic floating markets. If you book a tour to travel through one, you can sit back as your guide floats you up to many boats that each sell different food and goods. The experience is magical; just don’t drop anything in the water!

This list is aimed to make your stay in Bangkok as enjoyable as possible. No longer will you have the fear that you’re missing out on something in this huge, bustling city. Take a trip to Siam Park City and swim in the waves, or take a Thai cooking class and wow your friends back home. Bangkok is full of surprises. I’ve just listed a few for you!

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