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There are beautiful places to visit in Morocco everywhere you go in the country. Geographically this country is only about the size of California however, this dainty country has a population of about 34 million, and it is incredibly rich and complex in its history.

Moroccans have stayed one of the friendliest and most hospitable individuals within the world. You can virtually speak to anyone that has ventured through Morocco and they’ll all say a similar thing, that Moroccan kindness and cordial reception is one of the finest around. 

places to visit in morocco collage
Morocco collage

The country is full of colours, It’s beauty sparks from mountain ranges elongating throughout the country, to the glistening azure ocean, and the yellow sand dunes of the desert.

The country is additionally home to uncountable lovely cities, everyone adding to Morocco’s distinctive landscape and culture.

Here are ten of the loveliest places for you to go to.

Your Moroccon Holiday could be the best and most memorable holiday in a long time. 


Situated along Moroccos dazzling ocean and soft sandy beaches, Essaouira is amongst Morocco’s best kept secrets. Here you wont find crowds of sun-seeking tourists, mainly because of its windy conditions, but these shouldnt put you off.

Other than the beautiful natural beauty that surrounds the city, Essaouira itself is notable for detailed buildings, charming souks, and an active harbour stuffed with colourful boats.

From the harbour rise the town walls,  winding around colourful market places, white-washed homes, and winding alleyways.

The town walls boast the gorgeous red colours of the environment, and you’ll be able to see the clustered buildings of the city to the IIes Purpuraires in the distance.


A gorgeous sea city on the northern coast of the country, Asilah includes an enthralling and varied history. With roots as way back to the sixteenth century, it was once one of the trade routes utilised most by the Phoenicians.

The city was then later captured by the Portuguese before returning under Moroccan decree in the seventeenth century.

Every subsequent culture and society has left its mark on the city, creating modern-day Asilah a desirable show of Morocco’s distinctive heritage.

The Portuguese defence towers lean precariously over the cliffs, this is in stark contrast to the charming blue and white Moroccan homes that line the cities streets.


Even as Morocco’s second largest city, Fes still manages to possess all the distinctive charm and character of a far smaller city.
Town options 2 ancient medinas, one in all that – Fes el island – has been selected by the United Nations Agency World Heritage website, for its knotty winding design of alleys, souks, courtyards, likewise as for this city includes the world’s oldest university.
Town as a full option several outstanding samples of Muslim design, from ancient madrasas to monumental mosques, all superbly adorned with application and arabesque patterns, creating town adore an outside repository. Fez holidays are nothing less than a dream vacation.
Fes Morocco ancient building
Fes Morocco ancient building


Chefchaouen is known as the blue city of Morocco because of the houses that are traditionally painted blue.

It is located in the histrionic Rif Mountains in north Morocco. The town cascades down the slope, every new level revealing additional distinctive buildings, colorful plants, and charming cafes.

The newest quarter of the city is heavily influenced by Islamic and geographic area design, from the blue-painted walls and red-tiled roofs, to picture keyhole-shaped doorways and covered passages winding through the town.

Despite its recent increasing quality and visitors trade, Chefchaouen remains a perfect place to expertise associate degree of unspoiled and distinctive Morocco.

places to visit in morocco blue house
A stunning blue house


Ifrane is considered to be one of the most stunning city in all Morocco, resembling a Swiss mountain village over its own country’s desert villages and style of architecture.

The town’s trendy aesthetic is basically owing to French colonial settlers, UN agency engineered the city as an area to flee throughout the recent summer months, Ifrane being placed high within the mountain range with snowfalls throughout the whole winter.

Additionally, as charming clusters of European-inspired chalets, the city is putting for its massive numbers of gardens and parks, making oasis of lushness and tranquillity among the hustle and bustle of Moroccan life.

Ifrane Morocco houses
Ifrane Morocco houses


The urban sprawl of Morocco’s center has become unmissable destination in recent years. This is a great spot for those who want to experience the wonder of Moroccan history and culture.

This beautiful city is known for its abounding markets, with a maze of alleys and souks revealing new treasures at each flip – as well as aromatic spices, colourful textiles, sparkling lamps, and jewellery.

The encircling landscape around the town is equally exciting. The shifting sands of the desert opened up in front of the city and meet the mountain range within the distance. 


The historic town of Meknes is one of Morocco’s several UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The city gained it’s spot on the list for its distinctive mix of building designs, exciting monuments, and healthy heritage. As a result it is one of the most historical places to visit in Morocco. 

The town is enclosed by fortified walls, with 9 gates providing entry to the town, everyone elaborately adorned with tile work and arabesque patterns.

The city itself is stuffed with beauty, from the imperial Dar El Makhzen palace, the various mosques, and gardens that beautify the streets.

Spanish-Moorish designs will compete for your attention with Moslem and European-inspired design.

Meknes Morocco city
Meknes Morocco city


Located within the Sahara Desert in southeastern Morocco, Merzouga is dramatically lovely in its isolation.

Long stretches of soaring sand dunes stretch in every direction, the horizon only broken by locals with their lines of camels.

The city itself is charmingly small, and can easily be explored on foot, with red ericaceous rock buildings mixing seamlessly into the heat of the desert.

Merzouga is especially extraordinary from sunrise and sunset, once the blazing sun turns the city and sand dunes into a mix of golds, bronzes, pinks and oranges.

place to visit in morocco Merzouga
Merzouga camel ride


Ouarzazate could look familiar to you, having featured in various Hollywood films. lLawrence of Arabia, Gladiator, and also the Mummy make it one of the coolest places to visit in Morocco

The city and its surroundings are stunningly scenic, it sprawls over a dramatic natural landscape, and is boxed in by the desert.

The city itself is notable for its various samples of lovely Berber Kasbahs, together with the Ait Benhaddou, Atlas Studios.

Throughout the town you will be transported to Mini-Egypt when seeing the sets and props from several of the area’s and most renowned films.

Ouarzazate ancient buildings
Ouarzazate ancient buildings


A traditional Berber town within the Sous of southern Morocco, Taroudant is a fascinating place to go to. The city flourished within the sixteenth century, changing into a centre for trade and culture, with spices, rice and cotton traded at its markets. Due to this trade explosion the necessary buildings such as opulent houses of worship and town walls has to be built and can be visited today. 

Taroudant place to visit in morocco
Taroudant street

Today, Taroudants splendid heritage continues to be clearly visible, the first walls of the city still dramatically embrace the city. The souks proudly show off native handicrafts and richly decorated carpets.

This list provides some stunning places to visit in Morocco and you can visit all these and cities and much more. Experience the perfect blend of cultures and civilisations on that Morocco has to offer.

Go on and explore the beauty!

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