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I’m going to be honest with you;

In my 26 years on this planet, I’ve had 2, maybe 3, new years eve celebrations that have come close to living up to the expectations that come with the night.

The rest have been a complete an utter let down.

I’m not sure if it is just me having bad luck with New Years, but I’m pretty sure other people feel this way to. I’ve never really remembered New Years as the amazing night of my life that some would have us believe it should be. There has to be a way that this night doesn’t have to be fuelled by anticipation and then a complete let down, right?

Now, I understand that staying in or doing nothing is not an option for most people; you feel left out and that you should be doing something. So, my advice for having a good New Year celebration is not to stay in. However, when you do go out, you shouldn’t expect to have a good night.

This may sound strange but allow me to explain…

Don’t treat it different to any other night.

I’ve never really understood the hype around new year; I mean, we’re celebrating the earth going around the sun once again. For this reason I’ve never really cared too much for New Years, but admittedly I have gone a long with the hype that friends and media build up. If you’re not too bothered about it then you really don’t have too much to lose right? Go on the night expecting a normal night and nothing more ?

Keep it simple.

Now when I say keep it simple, I don’t mean you shouldn’t plan. If you don’t plan you’ll end up doing nothing, which is great if you want to do nothing, obviously. What I mean is that you should plan something easy, simple and achievable. Don’t plan on on spending £150 on a ticket to get you in to some city night club where you get one one free shot of tequila on entry. A good plan is simple, attainable, and fun. If you try to plan a crazy night there’s more chance it won’t work out. If you’re in a big city don’t head out to the big fireworks display, its a terrible game of sardines.


Have a small group of close friends with you.

The best times I’ve had have been with my closest group of best friends, and I think that many other people feel the same, so why change this for New Years? Sure invite some other people along if you want, but keep your core group of friends or family in the plans!

A house party is always a good Idea

Its been a getting more and more popular to hire out an Air bnb for the night, and this is a great idea. If you split it between a group of people it can work out relatively cheap, it’s simple; you all stay in one place, and it’s going to be a fun house/flat party! If you have you’re own house or flat to host the party that’s great! Just make sure you can trust the people you invite because you don’t want to end up owing the hosts of the Airbnb for any damages and you definitely don’t want your own place damaged. This is where keeping a close group of friends with you comes in handy ?


So here’s some basic, albeit effective advice. Everyday is a celebration of the earth travelling around the sun again. New Years isn’t any different to any other night, and it shouldn’t be treated as such. Have fun guys x

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15 thoughts on “How To Not Have a Shit New Years.

  1. I’m not a big fan of New Year, I always feel it folds under the weight of expectation. I treat it the same as any other day and sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised.

  2. Alright there, broski. I have a few more New Year celebrations under my belt – some busts but plenty of successes as well.
    What you said, without saying it, is that your expectations are the problem, not the night. You’re absolutely right, that more moving parts will make success more difficult, but if you expect, or anticipate the difficulties, swinging for the fences can be intensely rewarding if those expectations are managed. Interesting post, brother.

      1. Hahaha! Not really. I’ve spent a couple of New Years sitting at home and watching TV. The rest have been just fine with night-outs or small party! 😀

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