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There’s plenty of fun things to do in the hippy city of Flagstaff. The city is nestled in the stunning red rock scenery of northern Arizona and offers activities through both summer and winter.

Flagstaff is at a much higher elevation than Phoenix and Tucson, so has a much greener environment with lots of forests and grasslands.

The area is considerably colder than its fellow Arizonan cities, so you should pack some long sleeves and trousers!

The city is around a 4-hour drive north from Tucson and a 2.5-hour drive North of the state capital, Phoenix.

There’s also plenty of fun things to do in Flagstaff, you just need someone to write about them for you…

Lowell Observatory

Arizona is a hub for space research and discovery. The Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff is one of the major historical astronomical sites in the world, and well worth a visit.

Situated on top of a hill overlooking the city, the drive up is worth it on its own, however, keep driving up and you will reach Lowell observatory.

The history of the site is undeniable; Pluto was discovered here in 1930 as well as the rings of Uranus in 1977.

At the observatory, you can look through the sites 4 largest telescopes at galaxies, clusters, and other astronomical delights while learning about what you’re seeing from the guides. There is also a guided tour of the night sky using a laser pointer outside the main building.


Meteor Crater

Meteor Crater isn’t technically in Flagstaff, but its only a 30min drive from the city centre, and I had to include it! This is the Worlds first discovered and best-preserved meteor crater in the world, and its 50,000 years old!

On the drive from Flagstaff to the crater, you will be amazed by the completely flat landscape that presents itself to you.

After a while, you will turn off onto meteor road and will see what appear to be hills – but they are actually the rim of the crater!

Park up and pay a slightly annoying $16 fee and enter the worlds best-preserved meteor crater.

There’s a small museum in the visitor centre, and in the crater itself there are plenty of telescopes and viewing platforms that let you see all the details of this epic attraction

Flagstaff Extreme

This is an Extreme, Extreme Adventure course! Situated high in the pine trees just outside Flagstaff, lies a group of zip line and adventure courses.

Myself and Annie booked onto the adventure courses. There are 5 of these and for $50 you can go on all five starting on the easiest and working your way to the final course, which only 20% of people complete!

You’re given a great safety demo on how to clip yourself up and use the ziplines then you’re pretty much left to your own devices with guides watching from below.

There’s a mixture of bridges, zip lines, ladders, and all other crazy things. The highest point is 65ft!

Walnut Canyon National Monument.

This unique and impressive canyon is located 10 miles south of Flagstaff and its walls reach 350ft in height!

The canyon is a great attraction due to its geological looks (it feeds into the Grand Canyon), as well as its role in human history.

There is a 1-mile trek that will take you down into to the canyon floor and on your way, you will pass dozens of cave dwellings that were occupied by the Sinagua people up to 1000 years ago.

Arizona Snowbowl

Arizona Snowbowl, located 7 miles north of the city, is a mountain ski resort and is one of the top fun things to do in Flagstaff.

If you’re visiting in the winter time then you’ve come to Arizonas best ski resort with 32 slopes for all abilities.

The resort is in its 80th year and has artificial snow machines for dry seasons so you’re always guaranteed the powder on its 32 runs! If however, you are visiting outside of winter, then you’re still in for a treat.

The resorts ski lifts offer epic views across the surrounding landscape and you can travel them up to the tops of the runs. Here you can relax and watch the crisp red and yellow leaves of the resorts pine forests pass by below you in autumn.

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  1. The Mount Elden trail is an awesome trail for anyone that wants something a little more extreme! A few of my friends and I do this once a year and really enjoy it. The trail takes about 30 mins. Such a cool place to live in!

    1. Hey Agness, thanks for stopping by! We only stayed there 1 night and did the observatory that night, then meteor crater and adventure course the next day. If you were to do all 5 on this list then I would suggest 2 minimum, 3 nights perfect!

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