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Many of you will know that travelling is a major passion in my life – this blog may have given that away! 😉

What you may not know is that being healthy and general fitness is another huge passion in my life.

It probably stems from my past as a competitive swimmer. Since I ‘retired’ 3 years ago, I try to hit the gym as much as I can to stay in shape and I try to eat healthily along the way.

Now I love to travel, and I adore fitness. I’ve always thought about combining these two somehow. Combining these two passions made sense, but can you combine travel and fitness? The answer is, of course, you can! Fitness holidays are a booming sector and include opportunities such as cycling holidays, yoga holidays, as well as general fitness holidays. Coincidently, Tommy John Wear is promoting their Go Anywhere line with a mission to make sure people are comfortable wherever they are, by encouraging others to share their dream fitness holiday and I thought it was a great opportunity to explore the two great passions in my life! Here is what I believe are some of the things required for my dream fitness holiday!”


Now I’m putting this first because, in my mind, this is the most important item on the list! There’s a saying that abs are made in the kitchen, and it’s true. I think around 70% of a good fitness regime is diet – and that doesn’t mean eating less – it means eating right. On my dream fitness vacation, I would have a range of healthy foods that provided all the energy to feel fresh throughout the day! This would include a lot of fruit and veg as well as healthy grains such as wholewheat rice and pasta, quinoa, sweet potatoes and squash! I would love a large amount of seafood to be available as well as white meat! A buffet style would be great with food available throughout the day outside meal times as well!


Now I don’t want to have this fitness holiday in the city, that’s for sure. The location needs to be near a body of water, either a lake or the ocean because I love to swim as well as many other water activities! You also want to the most beautiful surroundings when exercising, more green space makes you healthier! It should be far enough from built-up areas that you feel secluded and that you have your own personal space yet close enough to go out for a few drinks in town if you want! Maybe somewhere on the Coast of California?


Catering For all types of  Guests.

Fitness holidays aren’t just for the people you see in the adverts! I think every type of person should be able to go on a fitness holiday regardless of their level of fitness or look. I respect anyone making a conscious effort to stay fit whether you’re at the beginning of your journey or a prime example of a Greek God. Whats more is I love to work with all types of people and believe fitness is for everyone!

Varied and Cutting Edge Activities.

The fitness industry is always changing and new trends are always popping up. Some of these are fads that die away whilst some revolutionise the fitness industry and are here for the long term. The ones that stay and are trusted I would like on my fitness holiday. I’m very much into science-based training and heart rate zones is a proven regime that companies such as Orange Theory have utilised. Here heart rate monitors are connected to you and display your heart rate on a screen, this tells you if you are in the right zone for burning fat and burning calories. A studio on the holiday would be great to do this in. I’m also into weights, so a weights gym is essential, lifting heavy things is fun 😉


Great Relaxation Opportunities.

Now I believe that if you’ve done your hard work you deserve to relax as much as you want.  The destination should include some sort of spa facilities as well plenty of other relaxation opportunities! Massages, Jacuzzi, swimming pool and a sauna are all essential. As well as a few fun activities on offer, maybe crazy golf or some movie nights!

What I’d Take.

You obviously want to be as comfortable as possible when you’re on holiday as well as have all the right equipment, so here’s a brief list of the essentials I would take on this fitness holiday.

  • Plenty of sportswear such as T-shirts/tank tops/shorts and of course the correct underwear. Take plenty as you’ll likely be changing clothes throughout the day and will want fresh ones when needed. Also take clothes that can be used as normal wear and swimwear, saving you space. Don’t forget the destination will hopefully have a laundry service!
  • A good pair of trainers (sneakers)
  • Sporty sunglasses that will stay on your head while exercising.
  • Nice clothes for the evening and outings.
  • Comfy clothes for relaxation after a hard days work!
  • A good waterproof backpack for your adventures
  • Microfibre towel that saves space and looks cool!

Now, of course, this roughly follows my idea of a dream fitness holiday. How about yours? Do you have a totally different idea of what a dream fitness holidays should be or would you make slight adjustments to my one? Let me know in the comments below!

Michael x

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