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Giving Up On Your Blog is The Easy Option.

It’s so easy to give up on blogging it’s scary.

I’ve come close at least a few times.

I even took a 4-month break when I pretty much did give up.

It’s pretty easy to see why; you’re not getting many views or likes on your blog, you’re putting in the hours, the fingers bashing on the keyboard, and wracking your brain for creative ideas and inspiration. Essentially you’re putting in so much effort for not much return at the start.

You’re writing posts that you know are worthy of being very popular, if not viral. You set up a ‘contact me’ page where you hope potential guest posters, sponsors or products will contact you. You make sure your website is as smooth as possible to navigate and all the links work.

After a while the thoughts start going around in your head; “If I was to ‘make it’ as a blogger I would have made it by now, something should be happening!”

The truth is two fold:

  1. It takes a long time to even partially ‘make it’
  2. You’re probably closer than you think.

Now, I don’t claim to have ‘made it’, in fact, I have a long way to go until I get to where I want to be with this blog. However, I’ve come a long way from where I’ve started, which was literally at zero. Now, my social following is well into the 1000’s, I have people writing guest posts for me, and I’ve started to earn a small income from publishing posts.

It all nearly didn’t happen at all. I’ve nearly given up when my blog hasn’t been getting many views or likes. I’ve actually made 2 attempts at this blog, the first one lasted about 3 months, then I took a 4-month break after being disheartened by poor viewings figure and lack of progress. This break could have been the end of However, I came back after the break and really gave it a go.  Throughout my whole time, there have been many downs that nearly made me pack it in all together, but I didn’t pack it in and I found inspiration in many places.

One of the biggest motivational experiences that reassured me to keep on blogging was an event that TrekAmerica invited me to a couple of months back. The event was aimed at promoting their virtual reality experiences of National Parks in the USA, something I was thoroughly interested in after writing a guest post for them on American National Parks. Many bloggers and influencers were invited – somehow including me!

Many bloggers attending the event were either full-time bloggers or on their way to it. Wanting to know how they did it, I made it my mission to talk to as many as possible and find out.


Speaking to these full-time bloggers opened up my eyes to the world of blogging. I asked pretty much all of them how long they’d blogged away until they went full time or even part time blogging. Some answered 4 years! 4 years of blogging and posting with not too much reward and then boom things slowly started coming together. I think the average was around 2-3 years of serious blogging before things took off. The only difference between successful bloggers and ones who quit is literally that – they quit. You just have to keep going and persevering. Most of the bloggers I spoke to said that they were often disheartened and considered quitting – imagine if they did! They wouldn’t be a full-time blogger and would be leading a completely different, probably less exciting, life.

It was also reinforced to me that you also need to blog smart. The bloggers I met at the event were all over their social medias; Tweeting, Instagramming, and Facebooking away, they knew how to reach a wider audience with the tap of a button. Half of blogging these days is utilising your social media platforms. There’s a great course by Traveller George Pap that tells you how to utilise your social media, I’ve taken it! Blogging smart also means writing guest posts for other websites, networking with other bloggers and pitching ideas to the relevant companies/people. You have to get yourself out there. The only reason I was invited to the TrekAmerica event was because I contacted them pitching a guest post, they agreed, it did well on their blog, so they invited me as an influencer.

So if you feel like giving up on your blog, please don’t. If you truly believe in what you’re putting out there and enjoy it, then keep it up and you will catch a break at some point! Keep at it, find inspiration, and blog smart!

Michael x
The key message is that it takes time and effort to get anywhere in life, and blogging is no exception to that!


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