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Summer might be in full swing, but we’ve still got some time left before the holiday season is over. And this especially the case in Spain. When it comes to travelling and visiting different countries, Spain has it all. This stunning European country offers an incredible slice of culture, delicious food, breathtaking views and an interesting history. Although the coasts can get packed at this time of year, the cities often come alive. So if you’re looking to fit in a last minute trip before the sun dies down, here are five Spanish cities to consider seeing.


First up, there’s Barcelona to consider. It’s often one of the first cities that visitors to Spain want to see. Thanks to the cheap flights to Barcelona you can find and the history, culture, and hospitality. So why not make this your first choice? It’s incredible cosmopolitan and is infamous for its art and architecture. See the Museu Picasso and the city’s history museum MUHBA for a slice of history. All while enjoying the stunning weather this coast capital has to offer.


Up next, Madrid. Another popular tourist spot, Madrid a lot on offer. Found in land, the central capital can offer you a slice of nature with the copious amounts of culture too. Alongside the stunning streets, find impressive parks to take in and enjoy. Again, this city is also most loved for its art. The Prado Museum is a must see, along with the Royal Palace. So make sure you find a central hotel fit for endless explorations.

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Next stop, Seville. The capital of the Andalusia region, it’s a southern gem. Known for its flamenco dancing, you do get a great dose of old world Spain when you stop by. Here, the weather is warm and the activities even more so. A weekend break in Seville can offer you it all. Rich in history, you’re sure to find a site that takes your fancy. The Gothic Seville Cathedral is a beauty, and the Alcazar castle comes in a close second. So be sure to bring sensible shoes, because you won’t want to miss anything this city has to show you.


Sweeping back across to the southeastern coast, there’s also Valencia to contend with. This port town is breathtakingly beautiful. Alongside art, this stunning city is also popular for science. Yes, you heard that right. So if you’re ready to hop on a low-cost flight to Valencia, make sure to see the planetarium, oceanarium and even the interactive museum too. The city is also rich in nature, so you might want to spend time wandering around the wetlands and trekking along the trails.


Lastly, let’s hook back round to the south and make for Malaga. This seaside city is perfect if you do want that sun-soaked lifestyle, with a hint of city life thrown in. When you find a place to stay in Malaga, be sure to be in equal distance from the striking sites like the two citadels and the bright white beaches too. Malaga really does offer you the best of both.


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  1. For next time, I recommend that you visit Galicia! Cold water but incredible food and beautiful landscapes. Such an under-rated little paradise 🙂 I confirm that English is useless there, haha

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