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Travelling, in all forms, is a journey of discovery. No matter where you go or how you travel, you’ll be discovering new ways of living, even if you’re not fully conscious at the time. When you’re trying to mumble through your broken French, or seeing whole cities pull down the blinds during siesta hours, you’re adding another layer to your education. If you thrive on this type of learning, then the world is your oyster. If you throw yourself into the deep end, at the end of your comfort zone no less, then you’ll be rewarded by awesome experience after awesome experience. Below, we take a look at five ways you can find the adventure you seek.

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Hitchin’ a Ride

Let’s not start soft. Hitchhiking isn’t recommended in all destinations, but in some, like Norway and the like where public transport is minimal (and expensive), it can make the whole trip. Any self-proclaimed traveller must experience the thrill of sticking a thumb out and waiting for a kindly stranger to take you further on down the road. Of course, it’s a two-way street. Don’t just fall asleep in the back: throw yourself into the experience and get to know your driver. People can be awfully kind if you give them a chance.

Outdoor Sleeping

There’s something to be said for a plush 5* resort, but there’s much more to be said for sleeping outdoors, surrounded by some of the earth’s most beautiful landscapes, and underneath trillions of stars. You spend the vast majority of your nights tucked up inside, sleeping under a roof: ditch the comforts of modern life for a night or two and head out into the great outdoors. Just make sure you have everything you need to make it to the other side unscathed.

The Long Way Round

Travelling is about the journey, not the destination, and it can often work out cheaper if you have a mindset that is less concerned with arrival; indeed, one of the best tips for travelling on a budget is to be flexible with where and when you go. If you have two options to reach a destination and one involves a variety of travel routes, places, and people, take it. You can be anywhere on earth very quickly, but why prioritize speed? You’ll end up with better stories if you’re more open with your travel plans rather than stuck trying to make one plan work.

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The Quieter Path

There’s a long list of countries that many people visit, but the list of destinations that people don’t visit is much, much longer. One of the main reasons the popular countries attract so many visitors is because the tourism bureau of that country went on a PR drive and sold its attractiveness. Some countries are less concerned with tourism, but they’re just as beautiful and inspiring as anywhere else. You’ll be breaking new ground when you visit those!

Saying Yes

Finally, the key point: saying yes. We say no too many times a day; be positive and bold, and the world will be so in return.

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