5 Areas of Your Life To Fix Before You Start Travelling.

Sometimes the lure of wanderlust is so powerful that you just want to take off and go on a whim. After all, isn’t that the ethos of travelling? It’s about freedom and following your passions, and wandering wherever your heart takes you. Unfortunately, real life gets in the way of this dream. However, it is still possible to jet off and follow those dreams (for a while) if you solve a few everyday problems first:


Taking off with too little notice will not go down well with your boss. And if you’re taking more leave than you’re owed, your income is going to dry up pretty quickly. Ultimately you’re going to need this job when you get back from travelling, so make sure you leave workplace relationships in good condition. Don’t forget – your monthly pay cheque is going to have to cover your home expenses as well as your travelling while you’re away.

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If you’ve got financial worries, getting away from the stress by traveling sounds ideal. Except that running away from issues isn’t going to solve them. Address the problems you’ve got before you leave, even if it delays your departure date. Don’t be afraid of refinancing if you can see a clear benefit for doing so. Sorting all your outstanding debts before you go means you can enjoy travelling without worrying about coming back!


Your travels could take you anywhere in the world. Many of the places you might want to visit may be quite alien to you. Before you do anything else make sure you have all the correct documentation and visas in place. You should also take out insurance that covers each region and activity you intend to indulge in. Take photos of everything you have and use a cloud backup just in case anything goes missing.

Family and Pets

For any family members left behind, your travels can cause a lot of worries. Share your planned itinerary with them and assure them you’ll keep in contact with updates. If you have any pets, you need to arrange temporary full-time accommodation for them. This might involve them moving in with family or friends during your absence. Make sure all their vaccinations are up to date.

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If you’re leaving your home empty for a long period of time, someone is going to notice! To protect your home from potential threats, ask a family member to stop by every week. Make sure doors and windows are double locked and check the batteries in the smoke alarms are fresh. Switch off all electrical items that aren’t necessary, and clear out the fridge! If you have a garden, hire a gardener to keep it in check. You will have to agree an online bank transfer payment.

Travelling is a great way to see the world, gain experience, and get to know yourself a lot better. But it isn’t often practical to just take off! Plan carefully, and make sure your life is in a good place before you go. Bon Voyage!


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