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Norway bay at night
Norway bay at night


For most of us when we think of travelling around Europe we would reflect on the more sunny places. From relaxing on a beach in Spain to spending some time in Italy or sampling some food in Greece.

Finding the best things to do in Norway might not be at the top of your list. However, as a country, it has a lot to offer tourists and seasoned holidaymakers alike.

As a destination, it is one of the most beautiful places in the world. There are fantastic attractions, but there are also places to relax and soak up the culture. Here are a few.

The Northern Lights

You can’t really discuss Norway without mentioning the Northern Lights. One of the most beautiful examples of solar projection at work you can stand and marvel at the sight.

If you have wondered what causes the Northern Lights it’s all very scientific. However, if you’re not a scientist it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy one of the most fantastic natural projections on the planet.

Seeing them will really make you realise how beautiful this planet really is.


While this may not be the top destination for most tourists in Europe, Oslo does not have the scale of other capital cities around the world.

The fact that it is so close to beautiful mountains and vast wilderness means that you have options for adventure right on your doorstep.

If you would rather go on a cultural jaunt instead, you can go to the Nasjonalgalleriet. Here, among many other major works of art, you can see Edvard Munch’s The Scream.

And once you’ve had your fill of culture you can go exploring on boats and look at the many fjords.

Go For The Quiet Times

You don’t have to wander around the cities, but instead, you could head to small towns like Alesund. This town is a hotbed of arts and culture and hosts various literature and theatre festivals.

You could also visit the oldest city in Norway, Trondheim, which is a very relaxed place. Here you could spend hours wandering around the various museums, such as the Rockheim, which is dedicated to the history of Norwegian music.

Relax With Happy People

Norway was voted the happiest country in the world, and it is very obvious to any tourist that it is deserving of the title!

It’s very difficult to be miserable when you are hanging around with the most relaxed people on the planet. You can bask in the happy vibes of Norway’s locals in its many coffee houses or bars.

Go For The Outdoor Lifestyle

One of the Norwegians favourite pastimes is what they call friluftsliv, which doesn’t have a literal translation in English but it means “free air life.”

Essentially it is about enjoying the outdoors and connecting with nature, and you can’t turn a corner without being met by some beautiful scenery.

But the best way to experience the Fjords and mountains is to embark on a fjord cruise package. These tend to go from the North of the country to the South via glaciers, sea life, and some sites that are UNESCO protected.

Norway may not have the pizzazz of the more showy countries in Europe. However, if you looking for a relaxing holiday where you can catch some wonderful sights in excellent company, then you should say “yes way” to Norway!

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16 thoughts on “The Best Things to do in Norway

  1. I always love these Scandinavian countries and plan on moving soon. Mostly because of its temperature and the peacefulness. There are around 11 million people in the city where I’m living now. And people keep coming here more and more. :c Just too crowded…

      1. Norway is an amazing place for any kind of adventurous trips. Great hiking routes, beautiful fjords that one can cross with a boat or hike around them.

        Mountainous landscapes with plenty of water. The only minor point is the very unstable weather.

        Greece from the other side has a rather stable weather, choices for sea, sun and islands, adventurous hikes or a combination of both.

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