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Of all the ways to travel, backpacking has to be one of the most exciting around. The real beauty of backpacking is that you can more or less wander as a free person, come and go as you please, and (usually) spend a lot less money than travelling in many other ways. But for all its joys and advantages, there are also a number of challenges inherent in this mode of travel. It is not for the light-hearted or the underprepared, and there are many things you should consider before heading off. Let’s think about some of the ways that you can ensure you have a much better time while backpacking.


Knowledge Of The Route & Destination

Some of the best steps you can take actually happen before you set out. The more research you do before you go, the more likely it is that you can make the most of it and have the best possible time of your life. Wherever it is that you intend on going, be sure to carry out plenty of research beforehand, as this will help you when you are on the road. Even if you don’t have a specific route planned, get a feel for the general area. You will want to know what kind of amenities, if any, are around, as well as the nature of the local people. If you need to learn another language, get on it before you go. Preparation is the key to backpacking success.

The Backpack

Strange as it sounds, many backpackers do not actually put much thought into the backpack itself. But the kind of bag you take with you is going to determine what kind of trip you have, and how fortunate you end up being. So make sure you go for something suitable for the journey itself. In some instances, this might mean choosing a backpack which can hide some secrets or other useful survival tools. Take a look at some tactical backpack reviews, and see if you can find a suitable one. If you are going for a longer journey, you might be more interested in getting your hands on a backpack with good size. Think carefully about the trip, and tailor your choice of backpack carefully with that in mind.


Emergency Supplies

You will notice that the general theme here is preparation. You basically want to be as prepared as possible so that you can face anything which might come your way. A big part of this is always going to be ensuring that you are prepared for any specific emergencies. A number of things can go wrong on such a journey, and you want to know that you are as prepared as possible, just in case the worst should happen. Pack a first aid kit, at the very least, and anything else which you feel might be necessary. The more prepared you are for emergencies, the more likely you will enjoy the trip and not have any particular anxiety about it – this in itself will make for a much more enjoyable journey.


It is clear from these three top tips that preparation is key! One of my favourite sayings is: “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail”. So plan your route, grab the most suitable backpack, and also prepare for when things don’t go so well! If you do this your mind can be at ease and you will be free to enjoy the wonders of backpacking across this beautiful planet!

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  1. Just went camping with a huge expandable backpack. This time I brought everything I could think of- I usually under-pack. Nearly everything was of use, even the poncho, except for the flashlight and lantern! There is a lifehack where you can use your phone flashlight and put a waterbottle on top of it at night as a makeshift lantern because it disperses the light. It saves a ton of space to use a phone instead of a chunky lantern! I also didn’t use my watershoes because the lake was nice and sandy.

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