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Europe offers so many cultures, culinary delights, and climates. No wonder it is such a holiday favourite, no matter where you’re from. There are plenty of choices, and the ease of travel from country to country on the mainland makes it a traveller’s delight too. Best of all, it’s still pretty easy to hop over for a spur-of-the-moment long weekend. Here’s where to head to for each season of the year:


Sun – For some sun to take the chill out of your bones, you can’t beat the Canary Islands. This group of islands offers plenty to do for the holidaymaker, and the weather doesn’t tend to fluctuate that much all year round. You can usually expect about eighteen or nineteen degrees in the winter months and plenty of sunshine still.

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Snow – For action-packed holidays, you can’t beat a bit of alpine snow! The best skiing might be found in Switzerland, although you may need to keep an eye on the weather report. For something a little more festive and sedate, the Christmas markets in Germany are a firm favourite for all ages.


Flowers – It’s tough to beat Amsterdam in The Netherlands for incredible floral displays in spring. Of course, there are plenty of amazingly beautiful wildflower displays all over Europe during this season. Warm springs mean more vibrant cities too, so don’t forget to enjoy the city centres for a perfect break away.

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Food – With spring comes fresh produce. When it comes to food, few would argue with France’s superiority in the kitchen department! A long weekend in Paris can be incredibly romantic so you might want to time this for Valentine’s Day in early spring. Check the Etias website to see if there are any additional visa or documentation requirements in place for your journey.


Beach – When it’s hot and warm, you want to be spending time on the white sandy beaches of Greece. The food is perfect for a hot sunny day, and the view of the water is the perfect setting. The French Riviera is also a highly desirable place for spending time by the water. This could be a little more costly during the high season though.

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City – When the weather is kind, it makes each city far more accessible and far more vibrant. Visit Salzburg for a taste of Austrian musical culture. Or you might head to Venice for an extraordinary experience travelling from building to building by gondola! Don’t forget to check out Cologne for the summer beer festivals too!


Fall – Britain is pretty hard to beat for spectacular displays of colour during the Autumn time just before the leaves fall. Bavaria, Romania, and Croatia are all close competitors though. The falling of the leaves occurs at slightly different times for each country as the weather patterns alter across the continent. Look for the forests and woodlands that offer the best variety of native species for a true experience of colour.

What part of Europe is your favourite for each season? Why not book a break away to see something you’ve never seen before?!

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  1. Spring time in Poland was surprisingly pleasant when I went. Got lucky with the weather (sunny most days!) and it turned out to be one of the best trips I’ve had in Europe!

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