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If you are thinking of heading to the beautiful and scenic nation of Canada, then there is one place that you need to visit. That is Calgary! Often overlooked for some of the more famous Canadian cities such as Vancouver or Toronto, Calgary isn’t perhaps at the top of everyone’s wish list. But that is where you are missing out! This city In the Province of Alberta has plenty to keep you interested and entertained. Read on to find out more.

Before you travel

To ensure that your trip runs smoothly and you have maximum time to appreciate the sites that Calgary has to offer, you must make sure that you have your travel plan and documents in hand before you make your trip.


You will, of course, need a passport that is both valid and in date, as well as an electronic visa or visa waiver. Although, do be aware that the system is in the process of change so make sure you know exactly which documents apply to you and your situation. Luckily the Canadian ETA visa update is available here. So you can complete your research online before you apply.

For the curious

If you have a questing mind, then you may want one of the first visits you make in Calgary to be to the very famous Telus Spark. This is a science museum with a difference, here you get to interact with all of the exhibits, learning and having fun at the same time. there are exhibits on the human body, earth and sky, and energy and innovation – a hot topic in this oil-rich city.  

For the cool

Do you see yourself as more of a cool hipster type? Then why not visit 16th Avenue SW and treat yourself to some uber cool Ollia Macarons & Tea? This little shop has great tasting macarons which are cute little treats made out of egg white, almonds and sugar that comes in a variety of colours. They also serve many gluten free options!

For the sporty

Calgary benefits from being located close to some great ski resorts such as Banff and Lake Louise. Meaning it’s the perfect base city for skiers and snowboarders alike, and even those that just like the apres ski lifestyle. Both Banff and Lake Louise are situated int he Canadian Rockies which provide some of the best skiing in the world and cater for all abilities – but they can get very touristy!


For the historians

The city of Calgary has so many great sites for those interested in history. There is the wonderful Fort Calgary to visit which is the original site of the city of Calgary! The Fort is a wooden one built in 1875 aimed at removing whisky traders from the area after many years buildings popped up around the fort and Calgary was born. in 1978 the fort was turned into a museum – which you can visit today!

Then there is the Heritage Park Historical Village which is a super cool place that feels like you have been transported back in time to how things used to be when it was frontier country. This is the largest living museum in Canada – and many buildings are originals transported all from all over Canada to add tot he authenticity!

For the thrill seekers

If it’s a bit of an adrenaline rush that you are after, then you may want to make your way to Calaway Park where you can ride the log flume or carnival rides. This is an exhilarating day given 4 out fo 5 stars by customers. Once you’ve had your adrenaline fill then take a calming walk around the lake.

For the adventurous

Just outside the city is the Dinosaur Provincial Park, which is a great place to visit if you enjoy a good hike in the wilderness, or if you are particularly interested in fossils. Here you can see fossils in situ as well as learn more about them in the visitor centre and how they are exacted without being damaged.

For the animal-loving

Lastly, if zoos are your thing why not pay a visit to the world famous Calgary Zoo? This makes a great day for adults and kids alike. You can expect to see some truly rare beasts such as giraffes, tigers, and even gorillas!

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