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For many people, moving to Australia is the dream of a lifetime. Lots of people, and for good reason, believe that the quality of life down under is much better than that at home. The wages are higher, the houses are bigger, and the beaches are amazing!  Not only that, but the weather on the other side of the world is a lot sunnier than up here in the northern hemisphere! Of course, with everything there are downsides; the cost of living is higher and you’re pretty far from any other country. However, the pros often outweigh the cons and Australia is a top destination to emigrate to! No wonder; with 3 Australian cities appearing in the world’s top 20 most livable!

Once you have made up your mind about a move to Oz, you are probably wondering what happens next. To make the move as simple as possible for you, here is a concise checklist of everything you need to do.

Sort Out Your Visa

If you want to move to Australia on a permanent basis, you will need to get a work visa so that you are allowed to find employment. These are valid for only one year, and you will need to renew it once your first year comes to an end. Usually, the company who you work for will sponsor you for a visa, which makes it easier to get one. Once you have been working in Australia for two years, you can start to apply for permanent residency.

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Start To Look For Work

Most people prefer to wait to look for work until they arrive. However, it’s good to start doing your research before you leave as you can then get a feel for the current job market so that you know the kind of jobs you should be able to get. It’s also a good idea to brush up on the Australian selection criteria responses and recruitment process. Then you will know exactly what you need to do to get your dream job once you arrive!

Research Shipping Costs

Now you need to start thinking how you are going to get all your stuff halfway across the world to Australia! If you have a few pieces of furniture that you want to take with you, you will need to look into shipping options. There are a few different companies that offer these kinds of services, so get quotes from as many as possible, so you find the best price for the job.

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Consider Accommodation

If you are lucky, you will be able to line up a rented apartment before you leave for Oz. But most people who move over there arrive in the country with no permanent accommodation planned and just spend their first few weeks in a hostel. That way, you get the chance to look around a few different houses and apartments rather than just taking the first one that you find.


This is on the pro side of moving to Australia! Australia has a system called Medicare which offers often free treatments in the country to permanent visa holders and residents. Once you arrive in the country on your working visa you should visit a Medicare centre with your passport and essential documents to apply to join. Take your medical records as well as any immunisation history you have! Depending on your type of visa you may be required to take out health care insurance. check this with your visa supplier!


You’re going to need a bank account when in Australia to spend on all the BBQ’s and shrimp 😉 This is reasonably simple to do and can be completed online before your arrival or when you have settled in! Chose a bank and apply! Online or in person you are required to provide your visa documentation as well as proof of ID. A good idea is to open a bank account before you arrive and transfer money into it before you set off for Australia so you have funds waiting for you when you land!

Say Goodbye To Family And Friends

Your family and friends will certainly be sad to see you go, so you need to plan in plenty of time with them before you leave. You might even want to organize a big leaving party! Be sure to let them all know that they can come and visit you whenever they like.


Moving to Oz is extremely exciting and a big risk can often reap huge rewards! Don’t be put off by the process of applying for your visa, follow the advice and links in this article and you will be guided along the way! Hopefully, this useful checklist will help you get everything sorted in time!

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10 thoughts on “Moving To Oz: A Brief Checklist

  1. Made the move 20 years ago and still loving it. My advice is to get a job before you come. That way you can ensure that your employer is paying for the visa. As an employer I can tell you they are expensive and difficult to come by. There are working holiday visas so you can try before you buy. There are two types of working holiday visas and your citizenship drives which one you are eligible for. You can find out more at https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Visa-1

  2. Informative post! We made the move from Europe 2 Australia with our family of four and are loving it in Melbourne. It is indeed a great country to live in!

      1. What cons?

        Like missing family and old friends (Skype makes that distance a lot smaller), distance to other countries (has not stopped us from traveling so far) and bad insulation of houses (just have to snuggle up closer together in winter and put up a swimming pool in summer). There is a solution for every con and all that is left is the many pro’s.

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