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A lot of people out there dream of travelling the world. They dream of snorkelling in the clearest possible, the adrenaline rush of climbing a mountain, or exploring new cultures that are vastly different from their own. The world has so much to offer a person, you just have to be willing to put yourself into the world and look for those things.

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Travelling gives you a certain level of growth as a person, and while it isn’t always the most glamorous at times, you will always find you’ve had an unforgettable experience. These experiences range from jet skiing, trekking through forests, riding on overnight trains, or to taking the chance to learn to fly. All of these experiences can change you and the way you see the world. Sometimes they can alter your perspective on life so much, that you want to make a difference to the life you live at home. Perhaps you’ve just got back from your travels, and you don’t feel like you’ve noticed much of a difference. Well, I hate to disagree with you, but I’m sure on some level your experiences have changed you and your views! Check out these five ways your travel experience can change you as a person:

More Patience.

When you are travelling – not lazing on a 5* resort – you are pushing your limits. Hopping trains from country to country and encountering delays is a big way people learn how to be patient. Waiting in lines for baggage at different airports is never fun, but the destination is! A lot of cultures are extremely laid back and take life at a slower pace, adapting to this can be tough, especially if you’re used to the hustle and bustle of a big city like I am in Lonon!

Cultural Acceptance.

Depending on how many places you go and visit, you will have a bit of a culture shock wherever you go. There have been cases of ‘Paris syndrome’ where tourists have visited the city and been shocked by the fact it doesn’t live up to the ideals of romance they had. You also may arrive at a destination and be in complete shock at the difference in customs and traditions, I encountered this when I visited SE Asia and was so confused by how the rods worked and the bartering system! Sometimes cultural ways way seem confusing, you just have to remember they’re there for a reason and are part of the country you are visiting! Accepting a new culture is going to be part of the travel package, so embrace it wherever you go.

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Meet People.

When you’re sitting in the office all day, you see the same faces, talk to the same people and run the same routines. Travelling gives you the chance to meet new faces every day and get to know how people live in another part of the world. You can meet people who end up becoming lifelong friends while touring the globe, so be open to that change. You will also make friends with so many different types of people that you may not necessarily make friends with back at home. Travelling blurs the boundaries between classes of people and smashes groups together made up of all sorts of characters!

Appreciate More.

Leaving home for a length of time to see different places can make you appreciate what you have in front of you. Many people go travelling in search of something more than what they have at home, however, distance makes you appreciate what you were getting away from. You see countries where people earn in a month what you earn in a day, and even though they earn this amount a lot of them are still happy. This helps you realise that many of the troubles you have at home aren’t really troubles, just pressures from society. 

Change Opinions.

You may have some ideas about certain cultures or food choices that you have always had. Travelling can give you a different perspective on things and you can grow as a person because of it. For instance, travelling to America has made me appreciate ranch dressing and BBQ chicken wings, whilst SE Asian cuisine will always hold a special place in my stomach. 

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Traveling around the world can give you such an exhilarating experience. You’ll see things you’ve never seen and immerse yourself in cultures that you could only have longed for. Taking the time off work and out of your everyday life to enjoy new places and meet new people is an absolute must for everyone at least once in their lives. Don’t be put off by the differences in culture, embrace them!

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19 thoughts on “5 Ways Travelling Can Change You

  1. I couldn’t agree more!!! I’ve just mentioned how change can happen in my recent blog so it was strange for this to be the first thing to pop up! Very well written and lovely pictures too!?

  2. Very well put. Love it because it is all true and I can’t believe travel made me a better person. I regret not traveling before 27 but there the rest of my life to look forward to!

  3. Agree with everything you wrote! It’s incredible how traveling changes you; I admit, it has worked wonders for my patience, as well as being more accepting when bad things happen. Love the list!

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