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With a look of old and new, sharp and soft, Eastern Europe invites visitors for an untimely experience. If you are enthusiastic about discovering grand history, or a person seeking modern excitement, this place is ideal for you. This region will gift you a one of a kind experience that will last a lifetime.

Eastern Europe is a region renowned for its diverse culture with a proud architectural history. The countries scattered here have their own story of life to fascinate you with. From towering mountains to golden sands it is a little piece of paradise for holidaymakers offering endless things to do and see. The spectacular sunset spots and rugged landscapes invite lovers and honeymooners for a romantic getaway. The countries in this part of Europe are full of vivacious cities, picturesque by day and vibrant by night. The places to explore are immense and the rustic beauty of the region will capture your heart instantly.

This picture perfect area will surely be different from any other part of Europe you have travelled to. Whether you want to escape modern life or embrace it, backpack yourself to this region. And do not forget to hunt for delicious authentic cuisine when you are here!

Here are top 5 cities in Eastern Europe you must never miss!

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary 2

Anyone will fall in love with this ‘Little Paris of Middle Europe’ for all the right reasons. From architecture to romantic ambience, every nook and cranny of Budapest will have something to delight you with. It’s a city with two sides connected by a spectacular bridge that dates back 1000 years and has added a classical flavour to this beautiful city. Budapest shows the healed scars of war but also holds vibrant excitement and buzzing nightlife in its ruin bars. The city is abundant in hot springs which are perfect for a soothing holiday. You will have a varied choice of bathhouses; from Turkish-era, Modern Nouveau, and modern establishments.

The famous Chain Bridge is one of the main sites to visit when in Budapest. The sight it grants of the whole city from any direction is simply spectacular. It is this bridge that joins the two facets of the city bisected by the Danube River. While Buda on one side defines all that is ancient and magnificent, Pest on the other is sparklingly modern.

Another magnificent landmark is the Buda Castle Hill. It consists of beautiful buildings made of cobblestone, one being The Fishermen’s Bastion which coats the whole area with splendour. Budapest also treats its visitors lavishly with its sophisticated Hungarian cuisine. It will surely awaken your appetite and entice your heart.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Considered as the hidden gem of Europe, Ljubljana remains in the top list of cities in Eastern Europe for many reasons. The image of this picturesque city is splendid with rich greenery and classic architecture. The preserved nature in the city will offer you experiences few other cities can; stand up paddle boarding, canoeing, and kayaking are the best ways to explore the city through the many waterways.

Ljubljana is an ideal romantic getaway; with scenic views offered everywhere and many off-the-beaten-track paths for you to explore. This lively cultural capital has many interesting festivals and offers mouth-watering authentic cuisine.

However, the biggest attraction is that Ljubljana is full of traces of Renaissance. The Triple Bridge is a famous landmark and is a one-of-a-kind architectural piece. Then there’s the legendary Dragon Bridge full of dragon monuments that captivate the imagination.

The Ljubljana Cathedral is another architectural gift and an impressive place to visit. The Hauptmann House and the Preseren Square are also striking sites which will surely draw your gaze. Sail yourself in this picture-perfect city and define your perfect holiday!


Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn, Estonia

The capital of Estonia is another perfect and unique city to visit in Eastern Europe. Tallinn possesses a dynamic nightlife buzzing with people throughout the city. It will occupy you with ancient churches, baroque palaces as well as with modern shopping malls and restaurants.

Some noted spots worth seeing in Tallinn are the Old Town and Kalamaja with its bohemian touch. The Old Town has echoes of a gothic nature and medieval era whilst Kalamaja is full of colour and charm! Tallinn is a hybrid of new and old which adds up to perfection!

Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw is another prominent city in the east which holds signs of the suffering of war. However, it survived all brutalities and now owns a proud rebirth. It offers its visitors a share of both an ancient and reformed era. This is a magnificent sight to witness. It has an assortment of landmarks to explore. Museums, monuments and statues, historical sites, architectural buildings, and so the list goes on…

The ‘Old Town’ in this city is one of the most colourful old towns in Europe. This place is surprisingly quiet and cosy allowing you to indulge in tranquillity. The Palace Square and the Barbican are some impressive sites occupying Old Town.

On the other hand, The Jewish Ghetto Memorial in Central Warsaw will awaken your thoughts to the cities dark past. These traces of war are a must to visit and explore. There are many tours available for excursions and trips through this magnificent city.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, like many cities in Eastern Europe, is of two faces. One is charmingly ancient and the other luxuriously modern. Prague is romantic. Prague is mythical and legendary. Prague is anything that defines a perfect vacation. It’s time you witness all this in person!

The number one targeted location is the hilltop west of the Vltava River where Prague’s castle resides. It offers a picturesque view with the river flowing beside it.

For gothic lovers, Prague’s old Town Square is a must-visit spot. With tales of horror and ghosts wandering around at night, bag yourself a hair-raising experience through a tour there. Also, the Charles Bridge which was once prominent for commerce is now a top tourist sight. This cobblestone bridge is lined with statues and lampposts. Some other noted places are Franz Kafka Museum and the Old Jewish cemetery which will remind you of the horrors of the brutal World War II.


Eastern Europe has reshaped from a horrific past to a spirited present. It’s a trending tourist destination which has had an impressive revival. Today, visitors are drawn there to experience a blend of both old and new. This is the stunning gift the cities of Eastern Europe offers to its visitors! If you want to move further into the unexplored, exploring the diversity of this monumental region, the list doesn’t end here. There are many other fascinating cities you can travel to. But these cities listed here have captured the most hearts so far!

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  1. One of our best friends is from Budapest. He lived across from the castle. He got to take his 7 year old son for a two week visit last year! And our friend spent many years learning to windsurf on one of the lakes there. Great post, Michael!

  2. I’ve been to all but Slovenia–it’s high on my bucket list, though! Not sure I would classify all but Tallinn part of Eastern Europe (from what I’ve gathered, they’re more of Central Europe), but all the same, I absolutely loved those destinations when I visited!

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