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The British Airways I360 is to Brighton what the London Eye is to London; a futuristic centrepiece for the city which provides a unique experience, boasts spectacular views, and bring in the tourists. Funnily enough, the architects who designed the I360 also designed the London Eye, you could say they’re doing a pretty good job designing at the moment! Opened in Late 2016 the I360 rises up its centre column to a height of 162m and boasts spectacular 360° views across the city and out to sea. The I360 is, in fact, the world’s tallest moving observation tower! The attraction looks extremely futuristic, glistens spectacularly in the sun, and is a great addition to any day in Brighton.


Your experience from the start is that of an airport. At the entrance, along the seafront road, you are greeted by a stewardess who checks your ticket and shows you to security. After security, you have a large outdoor waiting area that surrounds the I360 and has great views of the beach and plenty of cool seating to watch the I360 pod descend with passengers from its previous trip. Once it has descended and its previous passengers disembarked, its time for you to walk onboard!

Once on board, you will feel like you’re in a spaceship/silver doughnut. Around the middle of this doughnut is a bar where you can buy refreshments and beverages for your ride. There is also seating from which to enjoy the ride through the all-glass walls of the pod. The video below gives you a little tour of the spaceship/doughnut!


[wpvideo FG0z5HJ3]

The view from the ‘back’ of the pod is out to sea and is directly opposite the old West Pier that burnt down in 2003, this provides a cool backdrop for a photo!

As the pod starts its take off, the town of Brighton and the surrounding coastline start to reveal themselves in front of you! The pod rises silently and smoothly as you walk around taking in the views from all angles!


From your vantage point, you see the surroundings from a completely different perspective! Many buildings surrounding the I360 have murals and cool artwork on their roofs, presumably for the passenger’s of the observation tower, I don’t know who else it would be for! The pebble beach starts to look like smooth sand and the sun worshipers turn into ants!


Once at the top you have reached your maximum altitude of 162 metres and will pause here for a few minutes to take in the breathtaking scenery. The coastline can be seen for miles, with Brighton pier and the beach in the foreground, whilst the white cliffs of the English coastline are in the distance!


Once you start descending don’t worry, it’s a slow one,  you still have around 10 minutes of great views to catch anything you may have missed! Once at the bottom you will disembark a level lower than you embarked. This is because you exit through the gift shop which contains a very large array of cute gifts, many from local artists and sellers. There is also a restaurant below the I360 which looks quite fancy and has some outdoor seating.


The I360 is well worth a visit when in Brighton and a cool addition to any day out in the seaside town. British Airways add an authentic flight feel to the experience with staff dressed the part and air industry terminology used throughout! I didn’t have any idea this was even in Brighton before we arrived, but you do now, so take to the skies when you’re in Brighton!

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