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London is a truly amazing global city. From the iconic London Eye to the historic West End, Buckingham Palace to Regents Park, and from Hipster Shoreditch to upmarket Mayfair, you’re never short of things to do in this magical melting pot. Of course, however, any trip like this will come at a cost; London is one of the most expensive cities in the World for people to visit and stay. Unfortunately, the pure expense puts off a lot of holidaymakers from visiting the capital. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Instead, with the right research and time, you can find cheap alternatives to the expensive hotels in London. To help you out, this post will be going through three of the best ways to stay in London without breaking the bank. So, once your accommodation is sorted, all you have to do is head out into the city and explore!

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For a long time, hostels have been the best way for people to stay within an inner city area for a low price. In hostels, you’ll have the option to share a room with other people, usually in bunk beds, or have something small and basic to yourself. Sharing will make your stay even cheaper and add an extra social dimension. Whilst, having your own room will ensure privacy and slightly more comfort. Hostels are extremely fun, sociable, and many are very modern. However, hostels don’t offer the luxury that you will find in a hotel. Although, if you’re spending most of your time looking at the sights, you won’t be worried about having a plush room. This can help you to save money to spend in the city, on things such as a West End production or a night on the town. Being a hub of culture, London offers a lot for those who like to see art and interesting activities.


Of course, a hostel won’t be for everyone. And, this makes sense; a hostel might feel too basic or busy for some. For these people, another option is available; homestay accommodation is easy to find in a city like London. In a homestay, you’ll have the experience of living in a typical London home. This gives you the chance to enjoy a wealth of benefits, including a rare opportunity to live the life of a Londoner, you’ll host will also help you out on places to go and things to see. You will be staying in someone else’s home so of course, respect and courtesy are needed. This option will cost more than a hostel, but it could place you in the heart of all of the action and give you a truly local feel!

The simple, cheap, and surprisingly good hotels.

The last option on this list is the most similar to a normal hotel, making it the best option for those that would like to have something as comfortable as possible. Over the last couple of decades, cheap hotel-like motels have been popping up in many of England’s cities. And, London certainly isn’t an exception to this. Companies like Travelodge and Premier Inn are some of the cheapest ways to stay for a few days within London. And, their vast range of locations gives you the chance to choose your hotel based on what you’d like to see. These are likely to be a little more expensive than the other options in this post. But, you get what you pay for.


Hopefully, this will inspire you to start looking for your cheap accommodation option in London. This city is one of the most vibrant and exciting the world has to offer. While you’re here, you can also enjoy good links to cities like Bristol and Manchester in the UK, whilst France and the rest of Europe are only a few miles away! Each of these has their own unique liveliness and character.

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  1. Is the London Eye another name for Big Ben? I have not heard it, but I would guess it’s the same thing. Is that wrong? Anyway, I would like to go to London someday and not spend a million billion moneys.

  2. Good tips for those visiting London 🙂 I’m lucky enough to have family in the area, so have hardly ever needed to fork out for accommodation in the capital, though I stayed at Keystone House Hostel once (pretty decent and central) and have also tried out easyHotel near Old Street (on par with Travelodge price-wise, if not slightly cheaper).

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