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Whatever your reason for going, Shoreditch in London has to be one of the best places in the world to see street art. Situated in the East of London, this inner city district has gained a reputation as a haven for hipsters and tourists alike.

Street art is often more than just something pretty to look at; It can help brighten up a dull part of town and give it a hipster reputation. Street art can carry a powerful political or social message, and of course, provide the backdrop for your next Instagram photo.

Shoreditch also has great markets, unique pop-up shops, the famous Brick Lane, and a bunch of young people walking around in clothes from Star Trek.

All of this is surrounded by amazing street art of all different kinds that are worth the trip on their own. Here are the best streets to find this spectacular art!

Hanbury Street

Hanbury Street slices through the middle of  Brick Lane and has some great work on its northern section! Straight away on the corner with Brick Lane, there is a piece depicting what looks like an indiginous tribes person which is beautifully colourful and vivid.

Just slightly further along is a huge bird with a hand standing man right next to it, this is right above a Jamaican jerk chicken eatery that looks extremely hipster and tasty!

big bird painting on east London building

Carry on slightly further down the road and you will come across more murals right next to the very funky looking Second Home building. A particular favourite was a couple of very English looking thugs. No, the ones in the painting silly πŸ˜‰

painting of 3 men on London wall


Whitby Street

Whitby Street is just across the road from Shoreditch High Street Overground Station and on the streets eastern end are two murals of very different characters.

One is a ‘hooded youth’ in front of a cool city backdrop with a purply night sky, whilst the second is a pretty young lady with colourful bubbles coming out of her head! Of course!

Further down the street is a very colourful wall with lots of triangles and plant plots which make it look very Mediterranean-like!

hooded youth wall art in shoreditch
Shoreditch street art colorful hosue


Chance Street

Chance Street is the classic backdrop/Insta photo of massive colourful murals. Just situated across the road from Shoreditch High Street Overground Station, Chance Street has two main walls right next to each other that are just pure brilliant colour.  

The first wall has slightly darker shades and has what looks like an alien within it, opposite this wall are a series of mirrors to take your photos in!

The second wall is bright brilliant colours swirling around the wall. There has been some trashy graffiti sprayed over the bottom of these murals but they don’t detract from it too much!

Colorful wall graffiti in east London


Princelet Street

This street cuts right through the middle of Brick Lane and has some beautifully colourful smaller murals.

A scarecrow painting is bright and bold, you can take a guess at the message it’s sending out – I don’t really know.

The same mural is also surrounded by a lot of political posters that can get the brain ticking! Another piece is a very colourful face that somehow reminds me of 80’s tracksuit colours.

Shoreditch scarecrow street art

There are your 4 top streets for art Shoreditch. Just remember that street art in Shoreditch is constantly evolving and changing!

I went there expecting to see some pieces I had found on Google, only to find out that they had been replaced by different art!

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36 thoughts on “Shoreditch, London: Where To Find The Best Street Art.

  1. I used to live here but now north. I must get back to see how life’s changed there. To be honest, it only a half hour walk.

  2. Very nice! Thanks for sharing! If you’re ever in Bangkok (Thailand), make sure you check out Chalerma Park! It’s graffiti/street art paradise! πŸ™‚

  3. We stayed in Shoreditch and it’s a trendy place. Pity we only saw a portion of the street art. Love great graffiti. They could be on the same league as those in Melbourne, Australia.

  4. Great post! I used to live in Hanbury Street and loved walking past those pieces everyday. It’s been a couple of years since I last visited the East End, so have not seen some of the newer ones.

      1. No, I haven’t. I’ve never been to Europe actually, but I’ll be going to Paris in September. Crazy excited. We have a some places around here in south Florida that have been creating the same artsy vibe and I love just walking the street, practicing my photography skills (which isn’t hard with such beautiful art. I’ll post on them at some point, my goal is soon.

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