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London is known for having some of the world’s oldest and most iconic luxury hotels. It’s not surprising, considering it’s one of the world’s oldest cities. It was founded by the Romans back around 50 AD, and the concept of letting a guest stay in one’s house, or accommodation so to speak, actually dates back to Biblical times.

Fast forward to the modern era, in 2014 there were more than 116,000 rooms in different kinds of luxury hotels in London, based on numbers by Statista. Among those establishments are four of the most premier hotels in the city. In this post we will look at Claridge’s, The Savoy, The Dorchester, and The Langham.


claridges hotel exterior in London

Located in 51 Brook Street, Mayfair, what started as a single house owned by the couple William and Marianne Claridge in the mid 19th century, went on to become one of the favourite hotels of numerous royalty, heads of state, and celebrities.

Everything from the exterior to the interior at Claridge’s is timeless. The original architect assigned to the hotel was CW Stephens, who was also the architect behind Harrod’s, the world’s most famous department store. Now, the styles of rooms and suites are products of collaborations with big name designers including Diane von Furstenberg, David Linley and Guy Oliver.

There are on-site restaurants and bars, health clubs including a spa and massage centre, function halls and wedding venues. Room rates start at £480 per night. For future offerings, the management also has plans to build Britain’s largest hotel basement, which will house a swimming pool, a wine cellar, and a chocolatier.

The Savoy

The savoy hotel London royal suite

The recently opened Royal Suite of The Savoy was tagged a ‘dream suite’ by The Telegraph and is one of the best Luxury Hotels in London. Pierre-Yves Rochon designed its interior, with furniture, upholstery and set pieces themed in gold and ivory.

Set near Covent Garden, The Savoy was the first hotel in the UK to have private bathrooms in suites. Although that may not seem a big deal today, back then it was the pinnacle in terms of luxury and convenience.

Today, the rooms are reminiscent of the Edwardian era, with minibars and optional butler service. There are also rooms facing the Thames, giving a magnificent river view. Double rooms begin at £480 per night, while the previously mentioned Royal Suite can be temporarily yours for £14,000 a night.

The Dorchester

the dorchester best luxury hotels in london

Built in the 1930s on Park Lane, Mayfair, The Dorchester has classic English styled rooms with marble bathrooms. The hotel also prides itself in housing the only three Michelin-starred restaurant in the UK, Alain Ducasse.

You can also have gorgeous overlooking views of Hyde Park and Mayfair, adding another premium factor to this iconic hotel. Deluxe Queen Rooms start at £365 per night.

The Langham

The Langham best luxury hotels in london

Opened in 1865 off Regent Street, The Langham is a 380-room grand hotel constructed under the authority of King Edward VII when he was still the Prince of Wales. There are classic, natural wood, pastel-colour themed rooms as well as modern purple-velvet suites that evoke royal qualities.

Michelin-starred restaurants seem to be a common factor among these hotels, as Albert Roux’s Landau is housed in The Langham. There’s also a spa that has a swimming pool, and in another room, there’s a sauna and steam room with Jacuzzi. Double rooms start at £330.

Its unlikely wanderlusters will ever shake off their hunger for travel and exploration. That’s why hotels will never stop innovating. Some may close, but others will open. However, very few are as iconic as the ones on this list.

Today, London has all sorts of accommodation, for all kinds of travellers. There are hostels, boutique hotels, and even airport hotels near major aviation hubs such as London Gatwick. These airport hotels, according to Parking4Less, allow passengers to rest before or after a long haul flight. These services are also especially useful for those who have either driven a long distance to get to the airport or have a journey ahead of them. No matter what your preference may be, there will always be a type of accommodation suited for you.

If what you seek, however, is high-class pampering as well as top of the line equipment and facilities in your temporary residence, then luxury hotels are the right fit for you. Now you have at least four established names to choose from. Enjoy your stay!

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