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The Pima Canyon trail is situated in the Santa Catalina mountains in Tucson, Arizona.

The hike is 3.9 miles and rated as moderate difficulty. The hike offers great views over Tuscon, a somewhat forested section that you wouldn’t expect to find in Arizona and some great wildlife including; Javelina, birds, and mountain goats.

pima canyon trailhead sign
The Pima Canyon trailhead entrance sign

The Pima Canyon trail head starts in a parking lot and like most of the hikes in the area, starts of pretty flat until you reach the canyon base.

posing on a giant rock in pima canyon

As you rise up through the canyon the terrain becomes a little more rugged but there are plenty of photo opportunities. You will come across some huge rocks  that you can scramble up and take some cheesy pictures on 😉

cacti on pima canyon trail head

As you follow the path into the canyon the vegetation remains prickly but is still beautiful. As you delve further in, the vegetation becomes more varied and desert sands give way to grass and lush green bushes.

Santa Catalina mountains Tucson Arizona
Forest on pima canyon hike

As you go further into the canyon the vegetation becomes even greener and surprising. Huge thick trees that you wouldn’t expect to find int the desert reside in parts of the canyon surrounded by lush bushes and grass.

Pima canyon trail head green oasis
A green oasis in the middle of the desert!

At the top there is a small dam but its really the views that you go for. The views on the way back down of the city of Tucson are spectacular with the mountains in the distance and the vast blue sky punctuated by wispy clouds

Pima canyon trail views over Tucson
Pima Canyon Trail with stunning views over Tucson

The Pima Canyon trail is a great introductory hike to people new to Tuscon or for those looking to escape into a great green oasis in the middle of the desert.

Stunning views of Tuscon and the surrounding area come as standard.

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  1. Thanks for this posting. I’ve had many adventures in Pima Canyon in the 1970’s, attending the University of Arizona, and in the 2000’s, reconnecting with Tucson and the University. It is possible to hike out of the canyon to Pusch Ridge and into multiple adjoining canyons. It is a wonderful place.

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