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There’s a general rule when it comes places to go and things to do in destinations:

If the locals like it then its bloody good and you’re going to have a unique experience.

Greenwich in South East London is no different and contains hidden gems that you wont find through your tour operators. This list contains a Sushi restaurant, a pub, a wine bar, a jazz cub an a planetarium! Variety is the spice of life 😉

1. Zaibatsu Sushi.

From the outside you wouldn’t expect much from Zaibatsu, its exterior is pretty drab and the marketing budget definitely isn’t in the millions. However, once you enter the restaurant you’re caught up by the buzz of the small and cozy interior. You will find sushi and oriental dishes that are great quality but also cheap! The menu also teaches you how to use chopsticks – finally you can learn ;). The restaurant is popular with locals so you will need to book ahead!


2. Oliver’s Jazz Bar.

Oliver’s Jazz Bar has been in town since 2004 and has gained a great reputation with the locals. The bar plays host to musicians from all over the world as well as local ones. Hidden away downstairs through a small archway Oliver’s is a true little gem. Relax and sip on your wine whilst listening to the great live music


3. The Crown Pub.

The Crown Pup is just down the road from Zaibatsu on Trafalgar Road and offers live sports, a ping pong table, beer garden with a cozy living room, and a pizza van on Monday’s! The pub is often quiet which means there is plenty of room for you to have some epic matches on the ping pong table. The pizza from the van is delicious with the softest dough and the sloppiest cheese! Sit back in the garden with your pizza surrounded by fairy lights and lovely lanterns!


4. Davy’s Wine Vaults

Davy’s Wine Vaults is situated to the west of the village and has a vintage feel throughout. It’s 19th century decor takes you back to a time of stage coach robberies and aristocrats. The wine selection is humongous and the food on offer is delicious with a traditional English theme.


5. The Peter Harrison Planetarium.

Slightly different to the previous 4 but a little gem nonetheless. The planetarium is situated on top of a big old hill at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich Park. There are daily shows put on where you will sit back in your chair and whiz through space. The curved ceiling is one giant screen and makes you feel like you’re really there! The shows are only around £7 and well worth it!



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13 thoughts on “Greenwich, London: The Top 5 Places The Locals Go.

      1. We went with a friend who’s a local and had been there before so we didn’t have to pay much attention to directions really. I can see how it would be tricky to find for someone who’s visiting the area for the first time but maybe it’s part of the charm.

  1. Oliver’s reminds me of an old 1920’s speakeasy…I think I’d really enjoy the atmosphere there…pretty sure I’d enjoy the wine vaults as well! Not to mention ping pong at the pub…what a fun place!

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