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Now its not often that Connor and I pay to see male genitalia.

Surprisingly enough, we’ve never done it before.

That was until our last day in Iceland, when we decided the visit the Phallus (penis) Museum of Iceland.

Now our hostel seemed to like this museum as the attraction has by far the biggest sign on the hostel map.

So with nothing booked on our last day, we went there.

It was fun but a little disappointing (that’s what she said), especially considering it costs ¬£10 to enter.

There were some fun little sections, like molds of the Icelandic national handball teams penises. I felt really weird saying that was fun.

There was also specimens from all over the animal kingdom including the smallest one in the world. I made a funny joke about that (see video).

All in all I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s definitely an experience, but not worth ¬£10.

But then again, there’s pretty much nothing to do in Reykjavik during the day so it might be your only option, unless you go to a spa ofcourse!

Michael x


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