Iceland Adventure: Lava Cave Tour! 

Our second full day tour saw us explore a cave within the depths of a lava field.

The laws of Volcanoes state; whenever a lava field forms there is always a lava cave formed within it.

Another law states; 1100 years after the lava cave has formed, a bunch of tourists must explore it.

Before we arrived at the lava cave we visited a geothermal water pumping station that supplied naturally heated water to two local towns. We then visited Barnafoss where a lava field has water pouring out the sides of it as it is covering an ancient river. This place is honestly amazing and I cant believe I hadn’t heard of it before our trip.


After Barnafoss we headed to the Lava Cave.


The lava cave has many surprising features; Icicles, chocolate looking walls, ceiling collapses, and past human habitation. As we reached our furthest point in the cave our guide told us to sit in a group and turn all our lights off. Here’s a pic of what we saw…


As Connor said in the video, it was darker than closing your eyes.

Hope you enjoy the video you gremlins.

Michael x



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