Back From Iceland: A Sneak Peek of What to Expect.

Well hello there my little cherubs,

Me and my best mate Connor have just returned from a 4 day trip to the land of fire and ice that is Iceland!

We went on 3 epic excursions, explored Reykjavik and spent too much money! – It’s what happens when a pint of Guinness is £11!

We also took lots of photos and videos to share with you guys.


Here’s the type of content you can expect to be published in the next couple of weeks.

  • At least two vlogs including our days out to some epic waterfalls, Geysers, a crack in the earth itself and waking around the capital Reykjavik .
  • Top tips on renting a car in Iceland – even though we didn’t do this!
  • An article on the Reykjavik art Scene
  • A post about one of Iceland’s most popular tours – riding horses across a lava field!
  • An article on how to plan an trip to Iceland
  • A City guide to Reykjavik

I hope that’s going to be enough for you greedy guys and gals 😉

Stay tuned and I hope you’ll like whats coming up

Michael x




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