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What’s up my fellow adventurers?!

Boy, do I have some great news for you regarding outdoor adventure!

Every year, the U.S. National Park Service offers free park entrance days, the first of which is coming up on Monday the 20th of February! These are a great way to see these National Parks and a great excuse to go on an adventure. This year is even more special as it’s the 100th anniversary year of the national parks!

Myself and Cotapaxi, who make great quality outdoor gear which also benefits peoples lives, have teamed up to spread the word about these free park days and the importance of outdoor exploration!

There’s a great little graphic at the end of this post showing you the most popular national parks and the ones that are fairly unknown and hidden gems!

To spread awareness of how great the outdoor adventure is, I’m going to share one destination I’ve been to a couple of times! Some of my best outdoor experiences have been whilst out on the trails surrounding Tuscon, Arizona.

My first outdoor experience there was Mount Lemmon; this mountain stands at 2,791m and the temperature and flora change from base to peak were dramatic! At the base there is desert with cacti and it’s around 100 degrees, whilst at the top there is grass everywhere, big luscious trees standing tall and the temperature a cool 70 degrees! The top of the mountain has amazing views over Tucson and is one of the best places to catch the sunset. You can also take the jaw dropping drive all the way to the top like we did if you don’t want to hike it ;).

Tucson viewed from Mount Lemmon.
Looking out from the top of Mount Lemmon.

Seven Falls was the second outdoor adventure I went on in Tucson. This is a trek to reach a series of 7 cascading waterfalls which have small pools of water between them which are teaming with fish and you can swim in! The hike up was simply fantastic with the views getting better and better the further you traveled into the mountains. Half way up we encountered a Javelina (a wild boar) just plodding along in front of us. Apparently they can be quite aggressive, so Annie persuaded me to stay back.

On this trek we learnt the importance of taking ample water supplies; we were fine on the way up, but on the way down the midday sun really got to us and we ran out of water. Safe to say the sight of a water tap at the base was a huge relief and we subsequently sat down and quenched our thirst!

We have plans to go to Sedona soon which I cannot wait for. There’s something about exploring the outdoors that is always calling. It’s good for you! I for one love the break from technology, It’s also good for you physically and mentally. I love going on outdoor adventures with my better half as you share your experiences together and create some great memories!  It feels like you’ve accomplished something not matter how small or big your adventure was.

Check out this graphic below and get adventuring!

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15 thoughts on “Visit Arizona – Celebrate The 100th Anniversary of the National Parks by Exploring Them!

  1. Great entry. I want to head out west very soon to visit the National Parks. I have been to The Smokey Mountain National Park many times, and love every visit. I looking forward to seeing what the west side of the country has to offer.

  2. So cool, didn’t know about the free National Park days…going to all of the national parks is on my bucket list, so maybe I’ll go check out Cuyahoga National Park on the 20th since it’s pretty close to me and I’m off that day! Thanks for the heads up!

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