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You’re not going to be  a student forever.

Even if you drag it out with a masters or a PhD.

I know, it sucks right?

But while you are still a student you may as well take advantage of the huge discounts travel companies will throw at you!

My two favourite websites for this are below:

STA Travel 

Originally Student Travel Australia, STA is now the biggest travel company for students and young people. STA sell your basic flights and hotels but they also provide insurance, round the world packages, transport and advice on student discount cards. They recently took over BUNAC so they also offer work abroad schemes across the world.

On their homepage just type in your flights and date like you normally would. Then you need to select the box that is relevant to you; either student, under 26, adult or teacher and then boom! Most of the times flights will pop up with significant discounts. Also, tick the flexible dates box as traveling just one day earlier or later can see price differences in the 100’s.

I booked return flights with these guys from London to Boston for £340

STA’s Homepage


Funnily enough Student Universe also claim to be the worlds largest travel company for students and young people. No matter if they are or not, they still provide some great deals for you. Through negotiations with their global partners such as American Airlines, British Airways and Virgin they provide some great flight packages. Like STA they also provide hotels, toursGap Yah experiences and work placements.


Again, when you search for flights make sure you select the flexible box as great deals come on certain travel days!

I would check out both these sites as one is bound to be cheaper than the other. Which site is cheaper will vary from destination to destination due to their different partner companies! Have fun searching for great discounts and always look around for the best prices!

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