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A lot of stuff happened in Heavenly Village, South Lake Tahoe whilst we were there; I lost my drone and a GoPro to the wilderness, we tasted the best pizza in the world (Jeremy Clarkson voice), we were nearly blown away by the ferocious winds on the lake shores and we skied in some of the best skiing conditions on planet earth – it was memorable to say the least!

Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America – and you have to travel there.

The lake is split over two states, with one half in the state of California and the other in Nevada. The area is known for its beautiful scenery, great skiing and many ski resorts dotted around the lakes edge. We stayed on the Nevada side and stayed just outside of Heavenly Mountain Resort. If you want to go skiing in The USA then Heavenly Ski Resort is sure up there in your options!

Here’s a few things you can do in the area!

Getting There;

If you’re going to fly in, your best bet is Reno Airport in Nevada. This is the cutest little airport ever with the friendliest staff. As soon as you step off the plane you know you’re in Nevada because there are slot machines at every gate. Don’t step on the carpet though if you’re under 21 though ;). Sacramento Airport is 2 hours from Lake Tahoe. Either way you are going to need transport to your accommodation. the roads become very snowy and icy so if youre driving yourself you’ll probably need snow chains for the last section of your journey. Hotel and arranged transport will have thee as standard.


Getting food;
Heavenly Village has lots of food places for you to munch at here are some of the best;

Base Camp Pizza honestly makes the tastiest pizza i have ever tasted. They have this 4 cheese blend on all their pizzas which is just unreal! Waits can be between 15-45 mins so just get some drinks in while you wait! California Burger Company is a pretty hipster tavern that provide a plethora of great burgers as well as some great whisky.

Driftwood Cafe provides a nice spot for some breakfast and brunch whilst The Cold Stone Creamery provides design your own ice cream in case you needed to cool down after a hard day of skiing.

Safeway is just east of the village if you fancy making your own food and having a cosey night in by your fire 🙂 Just next to Safeway is Casey’s Diner which provides all round good american food – the chicken wings are tasty tasty tasty!

What to do

Ski – the main reason you’re going to go to Lake Tahoe in the winter is to ski. We were lucky when we were there as the snow was so fluffy and fresh. Heavenly Ski Resort has many different runs – I had only been once before but they have a great baby run for you to warm up on, after that a few easy blue runs then then all the way up to black! The ski resort has 97 runs and 30 lifts spread across the border area.


Check out this video of us skiing in Tahoe – Vlog: Winter Time at Lake Tahoe.

Walk – The scenery is just spectacular. The lake is surrounded by forests for miles and miles with little villages dotted around within the trees. Heavenly village has lots of walking trails through the woods and across meadows which are awesome to walk along, especially when the trees are white with snow!

The Lake – Of course Lake Tahoe is famous for, well, the lake. During the summer months you can sun bathe here in the sunshine. During the winter months its a great place to see all the mountains on the other shores with their peaks covered in snow. There’s also lots of walks through the woods that surround the lake.

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