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Hey guys and gals!
Hope you’ve had a scrumptious Christmas and are ready for the new year!
I’ve been a bit quiet recently, due to the fact that its been the festive period, but also due to the fact that I’ve been getting ready to go to the states tomorrow!

I’m heading to Arizona to visit my girlfriend Annie and we’re going on many adventures, including skiing and a couple of hikes that’ll be shared on through blogs and vlogs.
I may be quiet for the next couple of weeks due to the packed schedule but i’ll try my best to throw out some pieces! Then the big pieces will come when I have time to write and edit when I’m back here!
Hopefully you’ll follow this little adventure and will find some of it interesting!
Stay tuned you beautiful bunch x
PS; Check out this little video of what I got up to on Brick Lane on Christmas Eve.

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4 thoughts on “Come Join me on my American Adventure!

  1. Have you been to Arizona before? It’s beautiful ? I used to travel to the states to see my boyfriend (he lives here now) and we once visited the Grand Canyon as we were staying close by in Sedona. We got there and the entire place was covered in thick fog lol. Better luck next time ?

      1. I would like to go there again. I do think it’s worth it and I’d love to do it properly – actually go down to the canyon and hire a boat. Check the weather before you go so you don’t waste $50 ? have a fantastic time!! I miss America!

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