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Honeyyyyy…. I want to go somewhere different, exiting and cheap this summer.

Crap, that means you can’t go to Lanzarote again.

Well don’t panic, there’s this place called Thailand that can solve your dilemma.

The jewel in the crown of SE Asia that is Thailand is a couples paradise. Here you will be able to live the good life; the price of a normal hotel in London will get you a massive king sized suite in Thailand, you will be able to eat great food every night and treat yourself to little excursions.  Thailand’s people and environment create a perfect place for couples to create unique memories exploring nature and culture together. Just imagine waking up, walking to your balcony and seeing views like this every morning….


Here’s a few activities you can indulge in while you’re visiting the jem that is Thailand….

Fishing Trips

Thailand’s seas are teaming with all varieties of fish and a rich historical fishing industry has risen up across the country. Many fishermen still use traditional fishing methods; handmade boats with a rod and line. Some of the best sights in Thailand include these fishing boats on golden beaches. Many of these fishermen hire out their services and allow you to go on a fishing trip on their boat for a few hours. Often you will be able to keep your catch and take it back you your hotel with you. Many hotels will cook your catch for you and serve it to you for your evening meal!


Cooking Classes

Thai food is world renowned and what better than getting your hands dirty creating great food together? Thai food contains influences from China, Laos, Burma, and Malaysia so has a huge variety of tastes! Most dishes use fresh herbs and spices whilst a lot of dishes include mouth-watering fish sauces. You could find yourself making dishes such as Thai Green Curry, Pad Thai and many more. There are a lot of these courses and they all vary slightly from seafood classes to vegetarian ones. Even if you don’t end up making the best meal it’s so much fun together.

Ladyboy dance show e.g Chiang Mai.

No, this is not your normal lady boy show where things come out of where they shouldn’t! These guys dress up in cabaret Gear and provide great entertainment for all the family. I visited one in Chiang Mai that was so much fun; the hosts were so funny, they interacted with the audience and the dancing was actually really good as well! There is so much sparkle and movement you may struggle to keep up!


Thai Massage.

Thai massages are famous across the world and a great way to relax and unwind. Going for a Thai massage as a couple is a great way to chill out together in a unique way. You can lie on beds next to each other, chat and even fall asleep whilst your masseuse helps your muscles relax in the traditional Thai way. You both leave the parlour feeling refreshed and have a great relaxing memory together! Just remember to get a picture together in the overalls they put you in! Some are very colourful whilst others resemble very comfy hospital scrubs!

Eating out every night.

One of the great things about Thailand is how cheap it is compared to western countries. As a result you will be able to dine out pretty much every night if you want to and have a lovely meal at a very reasonable price. Switch up which eateries you go to as each will have its own different take on dishes such as Thai Green Curry. Sea food is a big part of Thai cuisine as well as lots of fresh vegetables and herbs!



Renting a moped/quad together.

A great way to explore the area you’re staying in is either on a moped or a quad bike. Most of the roads in Thailand are of a good quality although some roads can be a bit tricky if you go off the beaten track, but that’s more fun right?! You have the freedom to choose were you want to go and can stop off in any location you want, especially the romantic ones of course 😉

Scuba diving/snorkelling together.

The marine life in Thailand is something not to be missed and one of the main reasons I love the country so much! In many places, particularly the southern islands, you can step off the beach into the sea and be instantly surrounded by fish of all colours! A great way to experience the marine life together is either through snorkelling or scuba diving. Snorkelling is the easiest and cheapest of the two as all it requires is a snorkel, goggles and an ability to swim! Scuba Diving courses are available that last from a couple of days to a week. These will obviously allow you to explore places you couldn’t reach on a snorkel and possibly see bigger fish! However, when I was on Koh Tao I saw enough fish to last me a lifetime after grabbing a snorkel and some goggles.


These 7 activities are sure to create great memories together. Whether its cooking some great Thai food together or laughing at a dance show full of ladyboys. Thailand is well worth the visit and a little different to Lanzarote 😉

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17 thoughts on “Thailand for Couples.

  1. We head to Thailand in October on a one way ticket! Great suggestions, we panicked for a minute when they said they were going to remove the street food from Bangkok but thank goodness they changed their minds and are keeping the stalls! Love your posts, keep em coming!

  2. Had a close friend dying for a “different’ holiday last year. Being season travellers we recommended Thailand and went full on hard sell, showing photos of our time there with elephants, crystal waters and delicious food. We even found decent flights for just £499. She loves the idea but was scared of experiencing such a different culture. Two days later she booked 2 weeks all inclusive in Spain.

    *face palm*

    On the upshot, a the Mrs and I snapped the up the flights and spent 3 weeks in Vietnam…. ‘)


    1. Ah so frustrating! I sometimes wish people would push themselves out of their comfort zone! It can be so rewarding! Lucky for you about the flights and I’m sure you made some amazing memories in Vietnam! Really like your blog, maybe a colab at some point?

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