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This blog has been steadily growing recently – I’ve been putting more and more effort into it (I’ve even set up an Instagram account!) and hopefully it is showing!

There’s a lot I want to do with this blog and I’m starting to plan these things out and actually get off my butt to do them! So here’s your comprehensive guide to whats coming up in the next few months!

November – Exploring closer to home.

I find it quite common that you don’t explore what is closest to you. Bearing this in mind and inspired by a few hikes i did whilst in america this summer, I wacked into google:’cool hikes close to London’. What do you know? There’s a bucket load. Me and my close pal Connor are going to walk from Ockley to Leith Hill in Surrey and back again. This is a short 7 mile round trip hike which takes in villages, the rolling hills of the English countryside and finishes up the highest point in the south of England which has a medieval tower on top!

December/January – Returning to the USA.

So I’m going to be spending New Years in the USA – first one outside the UK! I’m pumped! I’m heading back to Arizona to visit my now girlfriend Annie and I’m going to be spending around two weeks there. We’re going to Arizona, Tahoe and who knows where else! Blogs, Vlogs and tonnes of pictures!


February – Ice Ice Iceland!

This beauty of a country has been on my radar for a while now and I’ve finally booked a trip there. In mid February, my buddy Connor and I will be hopping on the 3 hour flight over to Iceland and staying there for 4 nights. We’re going to explore as much of the island as possible. There’s going to be daily vlogs, a few blogs and tonnes of photographs with my new shiny Cannon G7X mk2!

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As well as these adventures I still have a few travel itineraries I want to put out which cover parts of the USA as well as a ‘Grand Tour’ of SE Asia! I’ll also have my musings on all things travel for you to enjoy!

Stay tuned you good looking bunch x

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10 thoughts on “What’s Coming up on TheWanderingBroksi?

  1. You are so right about exploring closer to home. This year we have visited Paris, Prague, Budapest, Bruges, Rome, Madrid, two French wine regions, and Marbella. Lots of museums visited, and when we got home late September after Madrid we “discovered” two local museums less than 20 mile away we have since revisited twice and become members of. Wrote about them on our own blog to encourage others to do the same.

    1. Wow you sure have traveled this year! I feel like people often think they need to go to another country to explore something different or cool. And that’s true you can but I think, like your examples, there is a lot closer to home!

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