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So it turns out you guys are pretty interested in finding ways to work and travel at the same time! I guess keeping the bank balance healthy while fulfilling that wanderlust is pretty appealing. You guys loved the original 4 Ways to Travel for Work, now here’s another 4 for you to digest!

Summer Camps

So during the summer months, parents (usually wealthy ones) love to send their children away for a few weeks to camps. This is particularly popular in America, you may have heard of Camp America, but it also happens in other countries around the world. If you have a skill that the camp are looking for, i.e. you’re a lifeguard, tennis teacher or swimming teacher, and have some previous experience working with kids, then you should find a place relatively easy. You will work for up to 10 weeks in a foreign country with days off every week to explore. After you are finished working your visa will usually allow you travel for up to a month and you have a bit of money from camp to spend on your journey! Check out Season Workers.

A night at my summer camp.

Cabin Crew/Pilot.

Get on a plane and go. Being part of the crew on an plane is a great job and you get to fly to destinations across the globe. Work on long haul flights and you can be setting off to the other side of the world whilst on short haul you could be exploring new pats of your own country or other countries in your part of the world. Be warned though – training for cabin crew is long and ruthless whilst training to be a pilot can take years and over £100,000 in training – although there are sponsorship programs available.

Cabin crew – Cabincrew.com

Pilot – Civil Aviation Authority


Skilled with a camera or pen/keyboard? It doesn’t matter if you were university educated or self taught, if you can produce the goods a job will come. Skilled photographers can be sent on expeditions across the world to snap just one photo of something the magazine or website are looking for. The same for journalists; if you are writing a piece on another country or an incident that is happening in another country, it is likely you will need to go to that country to get all the details! Travel Journalism also involves a fair a amount of travelling. Try an internship, start a blog or submit articles to magazines for them to read!

Holiday Rep.

Getting a job as rep is a great way to visit a new country and earn some dough at the same time! Basically, as a rep you are there to ensure that holiday makers have the best time on their holiday, you will be the face they remember and their go to person for advice. There are many roles for reps including reception staff, sports instructors and general reps as well. There are rep vacancies all over the world and companies are hiring all year round. Don’t just have an image of Ibiza or Sunny Bach in your head – reps can be on ski resorts and in mountains to! Check out Gapyear.com.

So there you go! These are four very different ways that you can travel and earn money at the same time. Check out the first 4 in my 4 Ways to Travel for Work, who knows, there may be another 4 to come in the near future!

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