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Now, I’ve been writing a lot about SE Asia recently and I’ve been recommending accommodation to stay in during your travels. Obviously if I recommend a place I think It’s great, but I actually haven’t written a comprehensive review on any of them so far. In fact, I’ve never written a hotel review on here before!

So I’ve got my act together and here is my first hotel review, its an absolute beauty….

Beyond The Blue Horizon Resort is situated on the north west of Koh Phangan on a small hill leading down to the beach. It’s a  bit of a drive from the peer but transport is easily arranged. At the top of the hill you have the villas with a pathway winding between them which leads to the the restaurant and pool which are directly overlooking the beach.


We were staying in one of the standard Villas without a sea view, but believe me, it is anything but standard. Each villa is raised of the ground and there are stairs that lead up to your own little balcony with double glass doors leading into your room. You can open these and look out of them while lying in bed. The villa itself is basically one big circular room with a huge double bed and a separate bathroom at the back. The room is cosey, with lots of little pillows and plenty of space around the big double bed. The big red tiles on the floor are gorgeous and there are lots of little personal touches added. The bathroom at the back is modern, open plan and has a nice powerful shower to use after you’ve swam in the sea or the pool. There’s lots of little pebbles running around the edge of the room which is a nice little touch and kind of gives a zen feel.

The views from the room could be slightly better, you kind of have views of other roofs. This isn’t too much of a downside but would have been a nice extra thing to have. You can pay extra for a sea view villas which are closer to the beach.

Follow the path down to the restaurant which is directly next to the pool and bar and you are in your own little bit of paradise.



The service is exceptional. Jeb who runs the place is from the UK and makes you feel like you’re at home and is so chilled out he just feels like another friend instead of the resort manager. You can chat to him about his life back home or about what to do on the island.

The kitchen staff are awesome and friendly to. I think they were Burmese family and the dad, Lek, was so happy and accommodating. The food that is regularly on offer is of a great standard and mixes Burmese and Thai flavors.

However, if you go on the awesome local fishing trip that Jeb will recommend and catch anything substantial, the guys in the kitchen will cook it for you and provide you with sides for a whole meal!

To this day I haven’t tasted better fish. There’s something special about eating fish you caught yourself that same day. The kitchen staff asked for something ridiculously small like £3 to cook us all the food, this was one of the best meals I’ve ever had so we gave them more without hesitation.

The Fishing Trip
What we caught
That fish though…

The pool and beach are like something out of a postcard. The pool is a good size and never overcrowded. It’s right next to the bar so you can order drinks have have them brought right to you while you’re in the pool. All you have to do then is sit back, sip on your drink and relax.

If you fancy a little adventure all you have to do is hop over the wall of the pool and you’re on the beach. The water is pretty shallow for a fair distance out and as a result it’s so warm and super clear. I counted 4 other people on the beach when we were there.


Overall this is one of the best resorts I’ve stayed in and would recommend it to anyone visiting Koh Phangan. The service is so personal, the rooms are amazing and the views are top notch. I know i’ll return one day in the future and sip on a fruity cocktail while chilling in the pool with that view in front of me.


  • Gorgeous big & cosey rooms
  • AMAZING staff, from the front desk to the kitchen
  • GREAT FOOD and will cook your own catch
  • Awesome pool and restaurant area
  • Right on the beach which is gorgeous
  • Great connections for local excursions
  • Very accommodating – want something that’s not on the menu? They’ll try their best!


  • Far from the pier and takes a while to get to places.
  • Not all rooms have sea view.
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      1. I think my grandfather had all of his grandkids fishing before we walked! He and my grandmother took a half way around the world cruise and Asia was their favourite for many reasons. My grandfather was very sad he couldn’t get out on the fishing boats. So, yes, I would definitely love the fishing!

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