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So apparently London is going to fall apart since we’re now leaving the EU. Somehow, I think this glorious city is still going to be around for a while. So, why not pack a bag, hop on over to old Blighty and breathe in British traditions whilst being surrounded by this ever changing city.

Top 5 things to do

1) Somerset House. This architectural treat over looks the River Thames and always has something going on. During the summer there is an open air cinema and during the winter there is an open air ice rink. There’s tonnes of other little events throughout the year as well. Check out the website.


2) The Museums. THEY’RE FREE. The Science Museum, the Natural History Museum and Imperial War Museum are all well worth a visit and can take up loads of time between them. The Famous dinosaur in the Natural History Museum is being replaced though?

3) Go to a Pub. You’ll Never be too far from a Pub in London. Grab some Pub Grub, take part in a pub quiz and of course have a Pint of whatever the bartender recommends.

4) See the Deer in Richmond Park. The park has over 600 red and fallow deer roaming freely through the park. Going to this park transports you to another world in the middle of this bustling city. Just be careful you control your dog if you have one.


5) Shakespeare’s Globe. Shakespeare’s globe is an oak and thatch roof replica of the original theater in which Shakespeare’s plays were performed. There are many different performances on throughout the year. Check them out here. Southwark.

For 35 more awesome things to do, check out The Top 40 Things To Do In London.


1) Homeslice Pizza. Homeslice go big and do not go home. They Serve 20″ pizza whole or by the slice that come in a range of quirky flavors that are just to die for. Covent Garden, Fitzrovia, Shoreditch.

2) Arments Pie & Mash Shop. This traditional pie and mash shop has been around for over a century and is a firm staple of the locals. Visit if you want to eat a traditional English meal! Southwark.

3) Big Easy. This place serves meat meat meat; briskets, shrimps, ribs, BBQ chicken, you name it. This american styled restaurant also has live music and play sports on the TV’s in the dimly lit rustic setting. Covent Garden, kings Road, Canary Wharf.


4) Dans Le Noir. So in this restaurant you eat in the pitch black and are served by blind waiters. The aim of the restaurant is to completely change your perception of food and elevate your senses. Clerkenwell Green.

5) Attendent. Ever wanted to eat in a former public toilet? Well here’s your chance! with each urinal being a individual booth. They sell food throughout the day and all is reasonably priced. Foley Street London.



Bounce – Into table tennis, good drinks and delicious bar food? (who isn’t!?) – then Bounce is for you! For a slightly different date or just a hit and a beer with a few mates. Pre book tables for a reasonable price! Automatic win if you get it in your opponents glass ?

Street Feast Some great pop up food and drink stalls. You can sample Indian, sea food, steak, Chinese, Mexican….the list goes on. All of this in a buzzing atmosphere with pool tables and beer pong! Shoreditch, Dalston Junction, Lewisham.

Waxy Oconnor’sJust off Leicester Square this pub feels like something out of Lord of The Rings. The decor is simply magnificent; amazing wood carvings, dozens of hideaway rooms, enough staircases to rival Hogwarts and to top it off – a tree in the middle of it all!

Blues Kitchen – With a lovely rustic decor, live jazz music and one of the best atmospheres I’ve been in, Blue’s Kitchen is a place to visit! This bar has great blues acts playing into the early hours and a dance floor to show off your slick moves. Shoreditch.

Fight ClubDon’t worry, no black eyes here! Social Darts is the name of this place. Darts boards to hire by the hour.  Its rustic decor and great drinks make it cool, even cooler – you don’t have to deal with the tricky maths as there is an automatic scoring system! Shoreditch.

For a more detailed low down on these venues check out This is Where to go For Drinks in London.



Buy an oyster card from a local corner shop which will have big blue oyster signs in their windows, these cost £5 and you can top up as you please. This card is accepted on all types of transport and is the only way to get around London Check out the TFL website for more info.

If you’re feeling adventurous, rent a Boris Bike for £2 for 30mins. There’s docking stations all across London and they’re super fun, just don’t be a dickhead… stop and red lights.

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34 thoughts on “Your London Travel Guide (From a Londoner!)

  1. Thanks for liking our post on Thursdays in Philadelphia. So many great places to travel, so little vacation time (and money!). London is one of my favorite places – trying to figure out how to move there one day. Last visit was in March to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Great trip!

      1. My daughter and I (who are big Harry Potter fans) loved it. My husband and son (who are not such big fans) also enjoyed it. I read the script/book, so I knew what to expect, but still really enjoyed the staging and acting. Plus, the whole 2 plays in 1 day thing was pretty cool. A week in London is never enough, but besides the play, we manged to do a few things on my to-do list, including Hampton Court and the Soane Museum – and the kids really enjoyed the Fat Tire bike tour. Oh – and we did the Secret Food Tour of Brick Lane (saw Brick Lane on your other London List). https://www.secretfoodtours.com/london/indian-food-tour-east-end/ It was definitely a highlight!

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    As many of you know – The Wandering Broski and A Wandering Memory have teamed up to bring you the best from both of sites. This post was one that struck home as not even I, as a fellow Londoner have experienced all that Michael suggests! That’s the real beauty of London – so many eclectic experiences – you can never do it all. #inspiredbyothers #nextlondontrip

  3. Hey… it’s always great reading a post about somewhere you really know well. As I haven’t done a lot of what you have and I bet it’s vice versa! We should organise a blogging event in London where we all get to experience something new!

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