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As I sit here writing this post in the common room of my hostel in San Francisco, a somewhat serene scene is being played out in front of me. It’s a scene played out in hostels all across this blue and green marble upon which we live. You have the numerous slaves to their screens (I’m one of them at this moment in time) who are in their own little world. However, amongst these examples of social de-evolution are individual stories being played out that are unique and immensely interesting to watch.



In front of me stand two rather hippy looking 20 something chaps, one Aussie and one Korean, they’ve obviously spent some time travelling together, they’re now saying their goodbyes and wishing each other safe travels. Across the room on a large brown sofa, two tall, balding, middle aged men who look and sound like they have seen a lot of life are fervently debating the recruitment strategies bringing young talent into the Israeli military. On the piano in the far corner of the room, two South American brothers are playing an array of inspirational songs that fit perfectly into the atmosphere of the room. On another sofa just across from me are a cute couple hunched around a laptop looking at pictures and booking flights.

In the same period of time a young guy, clearly on something a lot stronger than weed, has come in and very aggressively tried to verbally defend his business idea to the two middle aged men on the couch, like he’s in an episode of Dragons Den. Also, an old man who literally looks like Santa Claus dressed in bright orange sports gear has wondered in and taken a seat next to me.

San Francisco has the most diverse bunch of people I have ever seen in my life.

And I was born and raised in South East London… that’s saying something.

Walking a long the streets of the city you will literally see every type of person you could ever imagine and some that you couldn’t. It’s clearly a city that accommodates every type of person, It’s also a city of polar opposites.

Trecking up the famous hills you will see million dollar houses lining the streets with their ornate facades.  A few blocks one way you will find the vibrant China Town, a few blocks the other you will find the towering apartment blocks which are home to the masses, and right smack bang in the middle of it all, you will find The Tenderloin – a place people will tell you to avoid at all costs due to its homeless and crime rate. It’s sad to see an area full of people so down on their luck. All Cities have these different areas but in San Fran the differences stand out so obviously due to both the appearance and the people who reside there, its pretty striking.

The city has its gorgeous areas, that we all know of, and the population are friendly and there is definitely a buzz about the place. Despite this I’m undecided about San Fran. The people are so interesting and the city is undeniably gorgeous, but it just seemed to lack something for me and I cant quite put my finger on it. Whatever it is I might be back there in future to give it another try and figure it out. Who knows what type of people I will bump into second time around…

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6 thoughts on “The America Series; The People of San Francisco.

  1. This is one of the beneficial thing when you travel, you’ll get to know people, you’ll get to hear their experiences, you’ll get the chance to know and meet new people along the way. I really adore your adventurous soul.

  2. I lived in the Bay Area for 8 years and I never could really get my head around why San Francisco, just wasn’t my city… Nice photos by the way!

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