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Prague is a truly pimpin’ city; a mesmerizing and bloody history – including being the medieval astronomy and alchemy center of Europe, a great nightlife and loads of quirky activities for you to indulge in both day and night. Here’s your comprehensive guide to this awesome city…

Top 3 Hostels.

  • Hostel One Prague. Most hostels aim for the homely feel but Hostel One actually achieves this. The staff will show you an awesome time at the hostel, take you out on tours as well awesome pub crawls.The hostel is just a couple of tram stops from pretty much everything. Big fat tick in da box.
  • The Madhouse Prague. The madhouse truely look after their guests beyond the call of duty. Detailed decor and murals in each room, loads of fun planned activites, games and communal dinners.
  • Hostel DownTown. One of the top 10 large hostels in the world! This place has the family feel and makes you feel so welcome. Bright and spacious rooms and awesome dinners.

Top 5 Things to do.

  • Room Escape Games. There are around 50 room escape games in Prague and come highly recommended. The aim is to figure your way out of a room by figuring out clues and using your brain to solve puzzles. They come in varying themes and most last around an hour. They may well be the highlight of your day, or even trip!
  • Charles Bridge. A bit touristy but absolutely beautiful, you need to visit this place at sunset or night for the complete experience. Construction began in 1357 and the bridge retains the classic medieval feel with 30 Gothic statues lining its edges.
  • Prague Castle. It’s the bloody largest ancient castle in the world! Dating from the 9th century and the official residence of the president of the Czech republic. You can take a guided tour around this place and soak in the history.
  • Prague Nightlife. Seriously one of the best nights out I’ve ever had was in Prague. There’s tonnes of pub crawls and there’s something special about drinking in a building that feels like a castle. The city feels like a village so its pretty hard to get lost stumbling around tipsy. 
  • Letna Park. Grab a beer, sit in this park and take in the panoramic views of the city. This place is awesome any time during the day but sunset and night time really show the city in great light.

Getting Around.

The city is home to 1.2 million people but somehow has the feeling of a small village. Most things are within walking distance so the best way to explore the city is on foot. Trams are also an option and are awesome, i’m not encouraging you to skip fares but I literally don’t think anyone pays for the tram FYI.

Food and Drink.

The beer and alcohol in the Czech Republic is pretty cheap compared to western counterparts. A night out or casual beer during the day is by no means going to break the bank. Food is a lot of hearty meat, bread and gravy but also lots of delicious pastries that will make your mouth water.

So there’s your guide to the awesome city of Prague. All 3 hostels mentioned are amazing and unique whilst the 5 activities will keep you occupied day and night. Cheap flights can be found across Europe to get you to this great destination so go go go!

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18 thoughts on “Pimpin’ Prague – City Guide

  1. Perfect timing on this post, I needed it! I’ll be in Prague for the first time next month and I can’t wait. I love that you named this post “Pimpin’ Prague”; I’m tickled. lol

      1. If you google up some pictures with the date of its erection (1357 AD), you will find the bridge’s silhouette created of these numbers. Maybe it’d be some code or just someone’s fantasy. 🙂

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