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Budapest is a gem in the crown of European cities. It’s grand architecture, great bar scene and countless spas and pools make it a must see destination. If you haven’t visited Budapest you sure need to. Here’s how to do it right…

Top 3 Hostels.

  • Retox Party Hostel. The name says it all. Centrally located and pure party. You will need a couple of days after you’re visit to recover but the vibe and energy of the place are completely worth it.
  • Tiger Tims Place. Say hello to Tim. This guy knows how to run a hostel. Friendly, cheap, ridiculously helpful staff and an environment perfect to meet new friends.
  • Budapest Bubble. Unique. In one word that’s the Bubble. Its a tiny hostel and has been rated number one in Budapest many times. Cozy & tiny but full of warmth and laughter.

Retox baby

Top 5 Things to do. 

  • Heroe’s Square. Built to celebrate the 1000th anniversary of Hungary in 1896 this square is mighty impressive. The Archangel Gabrielle is at the highest point with the chiefs of the 7 tribes of Hungary below him. Visit this place at night for an unreal experience.
  • The Danube. The Danube River splits Buda from Pest and is truly one of the cities pumping arteries. Cross the river over one of its famous bridges or take a boat along the river and witness the cities great architectural grandeur from a different angle. Must see at sunset.
  • Thermal Spa’s. The city has 125 natural thermal springs throughout it and the city have taken full advantage of these by building amazing baths with amazing historical architecture. Chill out during the day or party in them at night during the summer.
  • Budapest Pinball Museum. This is something a bit different but very cheap and tonnes of fun. One fee = unlimited play on 130 pinball machines. Go wild.
  • Margaret Island. Not enough is made of this piece of land slap bang in the middle of Budapest. It has Palatinus Water Park which is the cities largest with 11 different pools, crazy slides and a whole lot of fun.

Getting Around.

  • Budapest’s transport system is super easy to use and consists of buses, Trolley Buses, Trams and The Metro. It’s Cheap, Efficient and tickets can be bought for all modes of transport at multiple places. Check out the cities transport website for more info.

Eating and Drinking

  • Alcohol and food are very cheap in Budapest compared to many European counterparts. The city has a great bar scene with many ruin bars, which are made from old disused buildings which are turned into idyllic hideaways to drink. The street food provides some of the worlds best kebabs and you have to try the meaty Goulash, nomnom.

Budapest is one of my favorite cities in Europe and is a must see destination. The mixture of old European history, grand architecture, the spa lifestyle and great food and drink make this a unique and memorable place to visit. Enjoy and relax, just don’t spend too long in the spa’s you prune.

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  1. Hey hey! I found you through your guest post on Student Universe! I live + teach in Budapest (cue website plug, http://www.denaemcgaha.com), so it was fun reading your perspective on the city! Kay I’m going to go binge more of your articles now, haha.

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